DOJ Rescinds Obama-Era Prosecution and Sentencing Policy

On Thursday, the Department of Justice issued new guidelines rolling back the Obama administration’s prosecution and sentencing policy restricting the use of mandatory minimum sentencing.

The memo signed by AG Jeff Sessions went into effect immediately. As stated in the memo, those circumstances in which “strict application” of charging guidelines might not be warranted, determination is left to the discretion of the “lead prosecutor.”

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The memo calls for prosecutors to pursue charges that call for higher prison sentences. Former Attorney General Eric Holder implemented prosecution and sentencing policy that made it so many criminals avoided being charged with minimum mandatory sentences. While criminal justice reform advocates claim that this is beneficial to “low-level offenders,” an individual needs to have 1,000 kilograms of marijuana in order to trigger the ten-year minimum mandatory sentence.

The ability of prosecutors to use mandatory minimums for drug possession will also help in efforts to take down drug conspiracies[…]

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Below is this morning’s press release from the DOJ.

Attorney General Sessions Issues Charging and Sentencing Guidelines to Federal Prosecutors

Attorney General Jeff Sessions today issued the attached memorandum establishing charging and sentencing policies for the Department of Justice.

This policy was formulated after extensive consultation with Assistant U.S. Attorneys at both the trial and appellate level, as well as U.S. Attorneys and Main Justice Attorneys. It ensures that the Department enforces the law fairly and consistently, advances public safety and promotes respect for our legal system.

Attorney General Sessions will issue further remarks on the new policy later this morning.

Memorandum on Department Charging and Sentencing Policy

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AG, Jeff Sessions, made the following statement this morning after the Sergeants Benevolent Association of New York City presented being Sessions with an award honoring his support of America’s law enforcement.

Sessions discussed the change in policy of prosecution and sentencing guidelines.

Out comes the race…and hate card. Social justice goons are up going to flip.  Media propagandists, race baiters and loud mouths, Maxine Waters and Al Sharpton will lead the way.

As usual, the crime victims be damned.

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