January 22, 2018

Book Review: Don Surber’s “Trump the Establishment”

I just finished reading Don Surber’s Trump the Establishment: The Elitists Never Learned in 2016, and I recommend it highly. It can be viewed as a follow-up to Don’s earlier book, Trump the Press: Don Surber’s take on how the pundits blew the 2016 Republican race., which was a light-hearted romp through everything the media (both MSM and conservative) got wrong when it came to Donald Trump and his seemingly quixotic presidential campaign. Trump the Establishment, however, is a more serious book that examines, not just how the establishment erred, but how desperately, dishonestly, and viciously the establishment (again, both Left and Right) did its level best to undermine Donald Trump.

Given that the same establishment that attacked Trump during and immediately after the campaign (especially on the Left) has now doubled-down to destroy his presidency, Don’s book could scarcely be more timely. In one well-documented chapter after another, he looks at the forces out to destroy Trump, from the establishment pollsters; to the monied (and, for conservatives) ineffective cadre of well-paid campaign advisers, none of whom Trump consulted; to the race hustlers; to the media (and, a subset of the media, the women defending Hillary); to the Bush family; to the feminists and genderists and Hispani-cists; to all the other establishment figures and institutions that understood that Trump wasn’t going to stop with rocking the boat — he was going to tip it over and sink it. Reading Don’s book, you’ll be amazed at the panoply of forces across the political spectrum whose vested interests lay, not in the best candidate for America, but in the best candidate for their own interests.

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Immediately after I finished reading Trump the Establishment, I happened across a speech by Marie Le Pen, who positions herself in France as a centrist conservative, rather than an open racist, as her father was. I don’t follow French politics closely, so I have no opinion about Le Pen’s honesty in this regard. I do, however, have an opinion about this speech recent speech and, most especially, about the quote from Nietzsche with which she opened the speech:

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