Is Donald Trump going to be America’s Winston Churchill?

Winston Churchill Donald Trump

I’m having a little bit of fun here, but it’s really amazing how many similarities you can find between Donald Trump and Winston Churchill.

Before people start screaming in anguish at the possibility that Donald Trump might be America’s Winston Churchill, this post is meant to be somewhat tongue-in-cheek. Still, there are a few commonalities between the two, not the least of which is that both emerged when their countries were facing existential extinction, in both hot and cold wars. If you like, you can play along with me in the comments:

Parentage — not identical, but with a nice symmetry:

Winston Churchill was the British-born son of an American mother.

Donald Trump is the American-born son of a British mother.


Winston Churchill was born into a wealthy family.

Donald Trump was born into a wealthy family.


Winston Churchill went to boarding school.

Donald Trump went to boarding school.

Political journeys:

Winston Churchill was a member of the Liberal Party before becoming a conservative.

Donald Trump was a member of the Democrat Party before becoming a conservative (or, at least, pretty darn conservative).

Hated by the elite liberal establishment:

When Winston Churchill left the Liberal party and started speaking out in favor of preparing for war, he became a pariah. He was therefore very low during the 1930s, so low that, at a dinner party, after staring moodily at his plate, he suddenly announced to his surprised dinner companion, “We are all worms. But I believe that I am a glow-worm.”

When Donald Trump was a Democrat, he was feted at the White House and by America’s black political elite. When he came out as a conservative, the entire Progressive establishment set out to (and is still trying to) destroy him.

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