Donald Trump is Rodney Dangerfield — and that’s a good thing

Rodney Dangerfield Back to School

Okay, I’m exaggerating a little bit when I say that Donald Trump is Rodney Dangerfield, because Trump isn’t a Jewish stand-up comedian whose shtick was to be a shlub who “got no respect” and who, near the end of his career, suddenly hit the big time in Hollywood. But if you stick with me a little bit, you’ll see what I mean.

Trump has been horrifying the reliable sheep on the Left by abandoning TPP, insisting that he’ll renegotiate trade deals, and discussing ideas for imposing a tax that will see Mexico help pay for the wall that will benefit Mexicans as well as Americans.

Regarding that wall, Trump first floated the idea of taxing Mexican imports, but that vanished in the face of legitimate uproar about the fact that this kind of tax would also harm American consumers. Indeed, it vanished so quickly that I think Trump used his by now familiar tactic of putting something extreme out there so he would have room to negotiate down to something that seems more reasonable, even if it’s still kind of radical. A smarter idea, I think, is to tax the billions in remittances that Mexicans in America, many of whom are here illegally, send to Mexico.

Incidentally, before I move on to my Rodney Dangerfield theory, let me take a minute to explain why am I say that the wall will benefit Mexico. I’ve been arguing for years that having America as a safety valve allows corrupt Mexican governments to ignore systemic problems in Mexico. Those Mexicans with energy and initiative, who have nowhere to go in Mexico’s corrupt, stagnant economy, head to America and send much-needed money home. While the money is great, Mexico is losing its best and brightest and, moreover, those same best and brightest are living marginal existences in America, rather than having the chance to be luminaries at home. Also, as Jonathan Murray argues, the Mexican gangs who own the border area bring tremendous crime to Mexico.

Done. Digression over. Back to my point.

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