Donald Trump, Winner Of The 2016 Louis Renault Award!–UPDATED


By Mike McDaniel   Well, That’s it. Donald Trump is now officially disqualified. No presidency for him. We know because the Media says so. He wins the prestigious 2016 Louis Renault Award.

Sadly, even some reliably Republican outlets are buying the Democrat scam. 

What horrible, shocking, unimaginable thing did he do? About eleven years ago, someone caught him on an open mic talking about women with stereotypically male, locker room terminology. I’m shocked, shocked! The media wants to convince everyone, particularly women, they should be shocked, shocked too. Women are, after all, a monolithic, protected victim group, entirely beholden to the Democrat party, having no idea men have sexual thoughts about them, and occasionally–OK, often–expressing them aloud, like, well, like men.

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  1. LISTEN to Hillary’s “hot mic” moment, laughing about getting a Pedophile off here:

    HillBill’s words & actions since 70s aren’t bothersome, but MrT makes lewd remarks 11YEARS ago & OMG, I’m hyperventilating, my knees are buckling & I think I’m gonna poop when I faint!! Where’s my Safe Space?!? How will my bruised self ever recover? I’m changing & voting for the Angel.

    The fake gasps & mock outrage makes me wanna vomit as forcefully as Linda Blair in ‘The Exorcist.’

    Have you heard the one about the Most Powerful Man on Earth who used his Oral Orifice to ask a young woman, 3yrs outta teenage status, to disrobe, lie back on a desk, & simulate a sex act by repeatedly shoving a cigar into her Oval Orifice, in a locked Oval Office, so that he, Sick Willy, could Drop Trou & watch, while polishing his Slick Willy, til he reached that volcanic moment when Bubba’s Special Elmers-Glue-Juice spewed all over this young woman & her lovely Blue Dress?

    Way cool right? Why not let him move back into the place & let him try his luck with the newbees?

    We can do that by Super-Hyping remarks made by MrT 11yrs ago & pretend our hair is on fire & our faces are melting off with offendedness, while plugging our ears when HC calls Bernie fans & millennials a ‘Bucket of Losers’ to Goldman Sachs, & calls Trump ppl ‘Deplorables’ (Vote HC & you’re a ‘Lovable’) We can also ignore HC’s “hot mic’ moment laughing about getting a PEDOPHILE off.

    BTW, this “BOMBSHELL NEWS STORY” happened so long ago that:
    – Twitter Didn’t Even Exist at the time
    – Youtube Had Only begun 8 mo prior
    – Facebook had only begun 18mo prior
    – Hurricane Katrina – Slammed The Gulf
    – Fox News Celebrated Only It’s 9th Year
    – Saddam Hussein – Stood Trial In Bagdad
    – The “Colbert Report” aired for the 1st time
    – HuffingtonPost Went Online for the 1st time
    – Maroon5 won for the Best New Artist of year
    – George Bush Was The President Of The U.S.
    – The 1st Apple iPhone was still in development
    – Condi Rice 1st Afro-American woman SecState
    – NYFreedomtower design was formally approved
    – National Debt- $7.9Trillion, now nearly $20Trillion
    – M.Jackson stood trial 4 molestation of 13y old boy
    – MarkFelt was revealed as Watergate “Deep Throat”
    – Angela Merkel voted 1st female Leader of Germany

    Re respect for women, how many of them has HC threatened, bullied, & defamed because
    of her husband’s ACTUAL ACTIONS – NOT WORDS – AGAINST WOMEN? That Bothersome?
    In Libya, HC’s Negligence Caused the DEATHS OF FOUR AMERICANS. Is THAT Bothersome?
    WhiteHouse Spokesman Tommy Vietor told a news anchor, “Dude, that was like 2 years ago!”

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