Dreamers we Want, Dreamers we Don’t

Vassar Bushmills

Memo to President Trump:

Whatever dreamers get is ours to give, not theirs to demand, and while I agree we should allow many to stay, at the top of that criteria should be that single understanding, that America is a “gift” bestowed on them by not just this generation, but many generations of Americans who made this such a desirable place to live and raise a family. Generations of  shoulders they will also stand on, should they be so fortunate.

We want people who want to be American, (ser Americano) and drop all other loyalties, not just to other homelands but the patrones who brought them here, whether a political party, globalist employer or special-interest NGO, and who expect higher loyalties in return.

A show of a little gratitude from time to time, a “Gracias”, and “por favor” would be nice. Or maybe just a return smile and nod when one is offered.

We do not want sneering brats who think they are entitled to be here, or feel America is merely a pocket to be picked.

Throw those bums back, and the sneering politicians and NGO’s who mouthpiece for them.

Since you are already drafting vetting rules for immigrants from the Middle East, Mr President, please make similar ones for the current batch of Dreamers, but only after you have insured there will be no more, and that every subsequent applicant for entry into the United States comes through a specified door and specified process that has been pre-approved by the People of the United States, among whom they hope to live and work for the rest of their generations, just as my ancestors did, and your grandfather did.


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