The Economy – An Obama Myth In The Making

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Trump, if he resuscitates the American economy, if he gives economic life back to the working class, he will be unbeatable in 2018 and 2020. Democrats, now not but a municipal power, will be buried.

Fortunately, Trump’s job is not hard. Drop corporate income tax rates from 35%, the highest in the developed world, to 15%. Allow companies to spend in the U.S. their profits earned and taxed overseas without double/U.S. taxation on those profits (now at $2.1 trillion). Reduce the Captital Gains tax rate that Obama raised not because it made economic sense, but because it was “fair” in light of his social justice ideology. Protect US businesses from unfair competition. Do away with the tsunami of regulations Obama has imposed on our nation and that strangle both jobs and economic growth.

Even if all Trump accomplishes is most of the above – and with control of both Houses, he will – our economy will take off like a rocket. This is patently obvious to everyone, or at least everyone over forty not fed on communist / socialist economics as a necessary component of social justice at school. As CNBC announced today “The election of Donald Trump has brought with it a surge in optimism in the United States over the economy and stocks not seen in years.”

What are the progs to do? They can’t stop Trump with Republicans in control of both Houses.  Nor can they allow the demos to come to believe that Trump is succeeding where they failed utterly.  So they are going to try the next best thing.  They will try to convince Americans that any any economic improvement achieved by Trump is owed to Obama.

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It has already begun.  According to CNN, Obama’s Gift To Trump, A Pretty Solid Economy. At Politico, there is Trump Inherits Obama Boom.

If you just did a spit-take onto your computer screen, I’m right there with you friend.

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