Education Blues

This weeks two winning entries span both sides of the latest Presidential election.

On the pre-election side political science professor Paul Kengor discusses the impact that academia had on the youth vote that turned out overwhelmingly for Barack Obama. Noting how we won the cold war yet lost the war on campus as left leaning professors took hold of the institutions of higher learning, Kengor discussed the various factors that rendered Barack Obama’s past connections to radicals and communists a non-issue. The effects of this meltdown on campus were seen in the election results and in post-election reports that show Americans sadly lacking in understanding the history of this country’s fading heritage.

On the other side of the election council member Joshua Pundit discusses how the incoming Obama administration plans to approach the war in Afghanistan and how that ties into the wider approach to fighting the war on terror. Throughout the campaign President-elect Obama spoke of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq as a virtual outsider. Now that Mr. Obama has been elected he is proposing a regional approach that will involve talks with Iran alongside discussions with the  “reconcilable” elements of the Taliban. JP discusses the various factors that will make this regional approach difficult and unrealistic.

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