The Erik Scott Case, Update 25: License To Kill


By: Mike McDaniel    July 10, 2010, the Summerlin Costco in Las Vegas, Nevada. West Point graduate and former Army armor officer, Erik Scott and his fiancé Samantha Sterner were shopping. Scott, who earned a Duke MBA, did very well during the Vegas real estate boom. However, booms are followed by busts, and Scott was working, successfully, but not nearly as lucratively, in high-tech medical device (pacemakers) sales. He had already decided to leave Las Vegas as soon as he could. Ironically, he would leave much sooner than he imagined.

It was a perfect storm of idiocy and incompetence, one mistake and misconception building on another. An excitable and incompetent store security guard caught a glimpse of Scott’s legally carried concealed handgun when he bent down to examine merchandise. Costco actually has an anti-gun policy, but hides it from customers–it is not publicized in any Costco literature or posted in its stores–because it doesn’t want to lose business. The manager briefly spoke with Scott, but no one ever asked Scott to leave the store. He and Sterner continued stopping.

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