Europe’s Death Wish Has Been ‘Negotiated’

Led By Germany’s Angela Merkel, Western Europe’s death wish is now almost a certainty. The leaders of France, Germany, Italy and Spain jointly presented the news, together with EU Foreign Minister Federica Mogherini after representatives of these countries met in Paris to discuss integration, migration and similar topics within the EU.

Several African leaders had asked for increased intake of ‘refugees’ from the EU.

They also wanted help in putting an end to human trafficking, which translated means they want money from the EU to ‘provide opportunities’ for the traffickers to engage in other legitimate business areas. Such as business, trade or agriculture.

These four European countries specifically intend to work with Chad and Niger, where they want to start a process of coping with what is described as “particularly vulnerable migrants.” The idea is that the EU, aside from paying off traffickers will allow migrants to submit asylum applications, which idf they’re approved will allow these migrants to travel to Europe legally instead of dealing with the traffickers.

What’s meany by “particularly vulnerable migrants” isn’t clarified in any way.

The idea, of course is that these four nations will bully the other EU countries into taking their share of these migrants. And need I mention that the population of Niger is almost completely Muslim, and Chad’s population is almost 60% Muslim?

The idea that this will control the flow of migrants to the EU is ridiculous. Now that these two African countries have preference, indigent Muslim migrants from all over West Africa and beyond are going to flock there in droves. Any those who don’t get their asylum applications approved? They will resort to the traffickers, who will take whatever cut of the EU’s money that filters down to them after these countries’ corrupt government takes its cut and continue their lucrative business, as opposed to farming or some other means of low wage employment.

And for the migrants, it’s worth rolling the dice to get to Europe where the extremely generous social welfare benefits they can get, even if they’re in the EU illegally, surpass anything they could ever earn back in their home countries, or for that matter, in their new homes at the sort of jobs most of them could qualify for. That’s why so many of the migrants remain on welfare, and why Germany and Sweden are the preferred targets.

You would think that the Eu would have learned what this kind of cultural enrichment leads to by now, and that it was a historic mistake. You would imagine that the fact that Europe has become infinitely more dangerous for women, children, gays, Jews and non-Muslims in general would have sent a message by now. Let’s look at just a few recent snapshots of how this has worked out for Europe thus far:

  • The Southern Swedish city of Malmö is now majority Muslim and is noted for a number of no-go areas. Yesterday, in one of them,the city’s suburb of Kroksback, Firefighters were forced to let a building burn to the ground after they were violently attacked by locals who threw bottles and rocks at them.

The fire started when two cars were set ablaze, and when firemen and a police guard were sent in, a second fire was started in an adjacent building. When the firemen trued to put the fire out, they were attacked and had to leave the area, as did the police. An attack on firemen and police like this would have been unthinkable in Sweden only a few years ago. Now, it’s become so commonplace that firemen and paramedics are demanding bullet proof vests.

And the police? Here’s a sample of what they’re having to deal with in Sweden’s increasing ‘no go’ areas, like Stockholm suburbs Rinkeby and Tensta:

Any wonder why Sweden’s police are quitting their jobs in record numbers? And that the National Police Chief went public to beg for help?

  • The UK has seen a number of scandals concerning Muslim migrants targeting young British girls as young as 11 or 12 for gang rape, enforced prostitution and sex grooming, and the shameful inaction of law enforcement in dealing with it.Of course it’s not just the UK. Rapes and sexual assaults are at record highs in Sweden, France, the UK, Germany, Sweden and Norway and in each country,  the increase  is due to Muslim migrants.

While some particularly notorious cases like Rochdale have finally been prosecuted in the UK,sort of, these incidents keep popping up. And they always involve ‘Asians’ to use the euphemism the British press prefers for Pakistanis, Iraqis, Indian Muslims, Afghanis, etc – and native British girls. While any number of Muslims might not behave in this manner, anyone who’s read the Qur’an and seen what it has to say about sex slaves, women as booty from conquest,  non-Muslim women and women in general knows exactly why this continues to go on, and will continue as long as Europe’s death wish culture continues to be promoted in western EU countries.

The latest one in the UK concerns an Iraqi migrant in Derby, England on trial for multiple sexual assault charges including child rape, with one alleged victim being just 12 years old. The trial of one Dilan Amin, 27, began August 29th when the court heard charges of 14 sex offenses including two rape charges, two charges of rape of a child, four of sexual assault, four of inciting a child for prostitution, and one of supplying cocaine.

These activities (OK, ‘alleged’ activities) started back in – wait for it – 2012.

The girl who was 12 years old at the time she met Amin, before Christmas 2012, after which he allegedly he raped her at his apartment behind his gift shop.

Now 17, the girl told the court that one day Amin told her they were going to have sex. He then sat on top of her so she couldn’t get away and raped her.

Amin and another man took a the then 15-year-old girl, and another girl, to the International Hotel in Burton Road. They kept insisting that the girls take cocaine, after which the “cocktail of drugs” as the prosecutor referred to it caused her to blank out.

The two men then allegedly took turns raping the girls.

This is by no means an isolated incident.What is to be said when a country won’t even take steps to protect their vulnerable children for fear someone might say ‘ ra-aaa-acist?’

  • Norway has cut back significantly on the migrants it admits, but at one point they were going the same direction  as Sweden. But here’s what the migrants they already took in are going to cost the Norwegian tax payers, in a country already notorious for some of the highest taxes and most expensive cost of living in the world.Immigration to Norway will cost NOK 10,000 (about $1,300) extra in taxes per person every year on from 2025, according to a new study by researcher Erling Holmøy at Statistics Norway. One reason is because the migrants being ‘financed’ mostly come from Africa and the Middle East and like their counter parts elsewhere simply don’t participate in the labor force and are are dominated by people who pay significantly less in taxes than they receive from the public tax-financed welfare. And Mr. Holmøy may actually be underestimating the coming cost, given the higher birthrate among these new, welfare receiving migrants than native Norwegians.
  • In France, attacks continue and the French Army is largely stationed in its own cities, as though their homeland was occupied by an invader, which is perhaps not too far from the truth. Recent atrocities include Levalois-Perret inIsle-Ded France, where a group of a dozen French soldiers was targeted and attacked when a car driven by a jihadi yelling ‘Allahu Akbar!’ rammed into them and injured six, three seriously.

And the Notre Dame hammer attack, of course, which saw a jihadi attack a French policeman armed with a hammer and a number of knives.

That of course isn’t the half of it. Sexual assaults on native French women and tourists are way up and  cutting into France’s tourist trade particularly in Paris and the Riviera , where tourists still remember with horror what happened in Paris and in Nice. Cars are routinely set on fire, almost to the point where car-B-ques could be called ‘La Tradition, n’est pa?’ And police only go into the no go areas around Paris, dubbed ‘La Zone’ only in large armed bands, if at all.

The French had their chance to vote into office Marine Le Pen, who would have dealt decisively with this problem. Instead, they voted for the Socialist Macron, who famously said that these kind of terrorist attacks are a price that had to be paid for “a truly multicultural society.”

Macron received almost the entire Muslim vote in the election, and any of the French who thought he was actually going to do anything meaningful to stop what’s going on are now aware that under Macron, this is going to be the status quo..especially since Macron has no committed France to accepting even more Muslim migrants. Macron actually needs these new bodies, since his stellar approval rating of 70% has now melted down to 40% or lower, depending on whose poll you believe. The realization has set in. La France is under siege, along with a number of other European countries.

That’s particularly true of France’s Jews. Many of them voted for Macron, but after several blatant attacks on Jews by Muslims with nothing more in response than condolences, empty rhetoric and a few soldiers or police to guard Jewish synagogues and schools, many of them also understand that in the new multi-cultural society Macron envisions, they’re expendable and there’s not really a place for them in France as it is today, unless something radically changes. Given the state of things, France’s Jews can’t even really expect police and troops to be deployed to protect them forever.

Culture matters. When you import people, predominantly young males from a totalitarian culture that doesn’t value freedom and teaches that non-believers are to be conquered to a culture that values freedom, one culture or the other is going to prevail. There’s still hope that freedom will win out, as countries like Hungary, the Czech Republic, Denmark and Poland continue to defy Merkel’s diktat. But based on who’s leading some of Europe’s oldest and established nations and what they’re agreeing to, it looks like Europe’s death wish has already been negotiated.

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