THE EVIL OF RACE 🔔 By Jeffrey A. Friedberg


By Jeffrey A Friedberg, September, 2016 (2 years ago)


Calling people “African-American,” or “black” or any color at all—it turns my stomach.

I can’t separate or fault Anybody based on the color of their skin or race alone. It makes me literally sick. I can’t listen to puns or jokes about it—-even from someone of that “color” or race. So-called Modern “black comedians” who make their fortunes disparaging races are enablers and pawns of those who would try to separate us from each other and use us to their own, damnable, political and financial ends.

The same seems applicable to our vaunted “24 hour news cycle,” like a self-aggrandizing, limitless, unfeeling, pitiless, monster megalodon shark that feeds on human souls, flesh, and the blood and children of its victims—those chosen as human sacrifices to its unending, monstrously rapacious hunger and greed. Marketing; presentation; sales; profit.

But whose idea was it to separate us this way? And why?

In grammar school, in 1951, we had a little boy named Arthur, whom today you would call “black; and we had a little boy named George, whom today you would call “white.”

We didn’t know of any actual, physical difference between them, except that George was from someplace called Nova Scotia, and Arthur was from Philadelphia.

We didn’t know they were different “colors”…until, somewhere, somehow, somebody taught us what they wanted us to believe and think about that. Because we were innocent of the fashion and propaganda of the moment.

And, yet, some of us did not enter or remain upon that path set before us at the very dawning of our lives and consciousness. THIS—to me—incontrovertibly demonstrates the pure, rarified, unbending spirit of humanity which accompanies Humanity everywhere it lives.

It proves we can’t be made to believe fashionable, momentary, mind-blinding, dictatorial dogma forever—because we are human beings.

So. Who dares separate us from our brother and sister human beings, and why invoke this racial misery all around us? Whom does this perversion of Creation actually serve?

What you see burning and murdering on your screens everywhere, and in your hallowed streets, are an evil distraction and mind control to bring you unknowingly to a place in a Matrix of lies and distortion where you are wanted and needed—like fish, or farm animals, to be used, and used up.

This hand-forged Matrix of lies and false reality takes advantage of your own, inborn, sweet humanity; your sense of self; your outrage at injustice; and, your dreams of a better world. It rolls up your guts from your body on a sharpened, filthy spindle and dries them in a hot wind of avarice and power-madness, to be sold and used by and to those who feed upon you—the purveyors, framers, elucidators, shills, law-givers, and rulers of the planet—Earth.

These are Not “Lizard Kings from space,” or even necessarily supernaturally endowed creatures from some netherworld. No; they may seem or be “demonic” in nature—but they can be familiar to you,  your friends, neighbors, or handsome, or beautiful, or talented “leaders,” entertainers, athletes, speakers, criers, politicians, and soul-singers.

It’s a magic show: beautiful or handsome assistants to distract you from seeing what one hand is doing while the other hand gestures hypnotically and performs the Trick—what they don’t want you to see—all driven by unimaginable wealth, and almost god-like powers and influence, accomplished upon you from behind a curtain of global, world-wide deception and flair.

As they entertain or distract or terrify you—and separate you, and make you do and behave as they want—they may or may not know that they dance to pleasantly cloaked tunes of their own masters—the real rulers of Earth.

There are monsters.

There are financial, political, and social-engineering megalomaniacs who will stop at nothing—NOTHING—to create and enforce their apparent dream or nightmare of One World—under THEIR sole control and direction, based upon absolute conviction of absolute infallibility, and upon your inborn sweet, vulnerable, accessible, heart-breakingly easy to mold humanity.

Your own gentle humanity is the power behind the Power and goal of a total, prison planet, and worldwide domination.

But, DNA—the power of a Creator, the blueprint, the ultimate plan for Humanity—will always win in the end, even if it takes 10,000 years.

And we can only be Free.

So, fear not. But don’t be distracted from the main feature show.

“Newt: My mommy always said there were no monsters – no real ones – but there are.
Ripley: Yes, there are, aren’t there?
Newt: Why do they tell little kids that?
Ripley: Most of the time it’s true.”
(ALIENS, 1979)

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