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Full disclosure

I’ve been involved in “dark alley” projects against the Left” for several years, covering various aspects of left wing official misbehavior. I’m too old and slow to go out and kill bad people’s rose bushes anymore, besides my wife no longer believes I just went down to 7-11 for a Slurpee. But I can draw on a lot of learned lessons from over 25 years, gathered all over the world, and can share how citizens can fill in the gaps while the political and administrative class are trying to get their acts together.

Over those years we’d developed rules of conduct in the dark alleys that will maximize personal security and anonymity, as well as maximize the fear factor imposed on bad people. The cited article, above, gives a good overview. The majority of people in the public education systems mentioned here will be deeply affected just in knowing “someone” out there knows them by name and knows their comings-and-goings. That is the fear factor that will always have them looking over their shoulders. Physical violence and harm are totally unnecessary. In fact, they are usually felonies.

The rise of Antifa and the known links between their behavior and various elements of the academic community tells us the time has come to take this madness on directly, head-on, but on battlegrounds of our choosing, not theirs. In universities especially, just blighting their paths and making them stop won’t be enough. We need to bring to bear outside pressure to end their kinds of teaching, to cancel the very curricula they use as platforms, and to make private colleges the only place they can practice their brand of virulent anti-Americanism. (Of course, this would put thousands of professors out of work entirely, since Amherst can’t hire them all. Pardon me while I smile.) But for now that they are totally in charge in many university systems, and have shown what they really feel the free and open exchange of ideas that the university system was founded on, 800 years ago. This requires a two-tier approach, one from within the university, and one from without by the citizenry at large, which I touched on only last week, about citizens in business suits and bandanas marching on state education departments, school districts, and university administrations, giving them a taste of how real citizens protest, yet still mean it.

What we now know is that we cannot depend on the expected and designed methods of process to cure these ills, or our elected representatives to move in our behalf.


You may have other names for “facilitators”. I leave that to you. But the era of citizen-facilitators seems be upon us.

Man creates process, other men corrupt process, and while still other men are trying to either restore process or improve it, things still have to get done.

Or things will fall into chaos and possibly be lost forever.

Every enterprise, large and small, has facilitators. These are people who clean up things, while the regular way to prevent the mess is slow in being attended to, or, as with political institutions, in a state of paralysis or unresponsiveness. Facilitators are the guys who can come into a factory and clean up a spill on the Saturday before Labor Day while no 0ne else is answering the phone.

Facilitators are not on a payroll. They may show as “Petty cash”, or “miscellaneous expenses” on a tax return, or just some untraceable cash transaction. You probably know more facilitators than you think. They can be found in every strata of society, from itinerant flea market scroungers, to moonlighting attorneys who need a flow of off-the-books cash when front-door clients are slim. A facilitator is the retired first shift production manager I knew who was the last surviving man the boss hired when he built the factory, and the only one who know where all the pieces fit when his grandson stepped in to take over. He was Lucius Fox (Morgan Freeman) in the “Batman” franchise.

But, if you haven’t already guessed, my favorite facilitator is Harvey Keitel as Mr Wolf in “Pulp Fiction”, who had a very narrow line of expertise. He was a cleaner, and in the film he’d be called out of a black-tie soiree to go clean a car that found its rear window and back seat splattered with brain matter due to an accidental discharge of a firearm.

The sorts of jobs no one can get with a resume.

Of course, facilitators work both sides of the legal and political street, as Keitel’s Mr Wolf demonstrates. I had the good fortune of being a legal facilitator for about 10 years, by assisting an Arizona  left-wing hippie trust baby get control of her trusts in Chicago. Several million. She was a recluse who I had known in the 70s when I practiced there. The poster-girl of why people should not do drugs, she looked 70 while closer to 50, I had defended some neighbors in what ended up to be an illegal police search and seizure of the whole street because one house had a marijuana plant that had grown higher than it adobe wall could hide. She thought highly of me for the way I took care of her friends.

When I returned from the USSR is ’92 she looked me up, asking for help to find lawyers in Chicago and then to serve as her go-between to gain control of her trusts. I networked with attorneys in Cincinnati who passed me onto firms in Chicago who I worked with for close to decade. She paid well and I delivered, getting her control of those millions, while allowing me to cause my consultancy in the Soviet Bloc to grow. I later picked up other clients who also had fallen through the cracks with various institutions, insurance companies among the worst, all by word of mouth, which is how I became friends with one of John McCain and Admiral John Poindexter’s classmates at the Naval Academy.

Like most facilitators I never hung out a shingle.

So, even though I haven’t drawn out a template, I do know how the Left has been doing it the past 40-50 years, allowing them to take over entire American institutions, then protect themselves with thousands of pages of state and federal laws that keep their rights as public employees impenetrable.

Anyone who attended a public university and majored in a liberal arts curriculum such as history or political science in the 1960s has a sense of how those facilitations took place.

What we know from Berkeley, where it all began in ’64, and which Ayn Rand wrote about extensively in 1971, is that while a few old relics from the Berkeley takeover in ’64 actually did believe in free speech, and have been repulsed by what they have seen from Antifa, the greater success of that ’64 takeover was to pass de facto power to the leftists who use free speech merely as a tool to gain that power, and now, run the university from the seats of the faculty, the administration simple mouthpieces. No one ever went broke under-estimating the capacity for university administrators to surrender, which I now believe presents an opportunity.

You have to hand it to them, for the Left has pulled off a near fait accompli, taking over entire universities, and curricula, under the noses of conservative intellectuals, who, while they have seen it happening, never really considered ways to remedy it other than through the various democratic processes, the ballot box, rule of law, which the Left had already been at least a generation ahead in interdicting

Today our public schools, including public universities, are rife with people, professional people, who are intent on throwing down the content portions of our education systems, using the organizing structures of the university system as battering rams. Anymore it’s routine to teach American history, from freshman 101, thru intense graduate studies, without saying a single virtuous word about our founding. (So you can imagine what the Ethics curriculum must be like.)

Today, a student can go seven years without hearing one honest word about the history, or intellectual-moral roots of America, at the same time be stripped entirely of the ability to question it, or more broadly be able to step back and look down at the shoulders he/she/or it are standing on, and ask “Then how the hell did I get here?”. Such a simple two-dot connection, no longer allowed in open comment.

Thanks to Antifa and Black Lives Matter terrorism, what has been known for at least 40 years by people who have observed the academic shift of “liberal arts education” has finally exploded in the eyes of ordinary citizens, who had no idea what kind of American History or Social Theories of Trans-genderism in 15th Century Spain their children were being taught as they pursued that BA with a major in Underwater Basket Weaving.

Events at Charlottesville and Berkeley, and learning that college professors have actively participated in Antifa events, and that there is a donor class funding it, are beginning to pile up, even for the casual news reader. In a disturbing expose, Daily Caller has published an expose of middle school teachers in California who are active in Antifa, both in training and front- line mayhem, and more disturbing, even though arrested awaiting trial, many are not even sanctioned by their schools. The same for college professors.

The point it, “Tommy Atkinssees” (Kipling) while commentators and scholars, for a variety of reasons, cannot allow themselves to conclude that it has come to open civil war, or that the people may no longer be looking to elected leaders in handling these situations.

I frequently watch Tucker Carlson at Fox simply because of the array of these anti-American scholars he showcases, one especially frightening dame named Laura Beth Nielson from Northwestern, who cannot speak ordinary English, and from her rants about modern fascism, knows even less about German fascism in the 30’s than I learned as a 16-year high school sophomore when I first curled up with William L Shirer’s Rise and Fall of the Third Reich.  She is reciting the Bolshevik view of fascism that the Stalinists had in the 1930s, that it was “middle class socialism”, only I sense she’s so narrowly educated she didn’t know that, or, that one of the two things Bolsheviks used to distinguish their brand of socialism from the Italian-German variety was that Marxism was an internationalist worldview while the German-Italian models were nationalistic. Ms Nielson has elevated a polemic regional socialist rivalry into a religion, without really understanding just how petty those differences are to ordinary people who’ve suffered under both equally.

Such people are no longer simple amusements. They are national threats, for you can find in every American public university dozens of them in at least a dozen departments, from History, Political Science, Law, Sociology, Psychology, Women’s Studies, Black Studies. etc.

Send them all to Amherst.

While conservatives commentators, pundits, think tank-scholars, have been alarmed with this trend for several years. many don’t like Donald Trump, so have closed many options in their own minds.

No matter, ordinary people, have already decided that working within the system, working within established process, just doesn’t appear to be able to get the job done, if they have to wait for Congress to do it.

So they have already decided to step outside the box.

So, when process dies, will it be the Mob next time?

Call what we see developing a “civil war” or a bona fide “revolution”, a la 1776, it doesn’t matter, for the political class who could have and should have responded to the people’s complaints have now indicated that will not, whether for a lack of stomach or conviction.

So the notion that Education Secretary Betsy DeVos or AG Jeff Sessions can forge policies and plans that will, in any reasonable lifetime, reach down into the bowels of the public education system and root out those nest of vipers, probably aren’t practical.

I’m an analyst by trade. I’ve been doing situation analysis since 2003 and the Iraq War. Almost all my analyses beg the obviously notion that “if something isn’t done about this, this next thing is likely to happen” Those “next things” largely have.

Everyone from Dinesh D’Souza to Lou Dobbs has warned us and warned us. And what he have finally learned, largely because of the election of Donald Trump, is that it wasn’t so much that those early warnings weren’t believed, understood or heeded but that a large, hidden portion of our government, namely the Republican Party, were always in on the heist.

So, going forward I’m no longer interested in crying “Wolf”. It’s just too repetitive.

We have always relied on our problems being fixed through process. That no longer appears to be the case, But when process fails, I’d much prefer the people to act through facilitators than by the Mob.

So while it may appear I’m marketing this solution, I’m merely telling you that it’s going to happen one way or the other, and it would be better if saner heads were out in front of it. Again, better us than the mob.

For every place the Left lay hiding in plain sight, there are ways to devise plans that can blight their path and make their jobs almost impossible to exploit, enjoy, or broadcast.

If you’ll accept this premises (I won’t argue with you if you don’t) you’ll find facilatation teams and plans are easy to design and execute. I have a list of rules and suggestions (cited at the first line, above) which maximizes security and protects anonymity, as well as instilling fear (yes, fear) in the right people inside the institution. Antifa and its support groups are easy to defeat if you have a plan, and can learn patience, and the art of intelligence gathering.

It would be really helpful if facilitation groups could find some local organizing benefactor who would be willing to match Soros’ investment in your city, schools or university. I’m thinking about putting together a handbook again, only not so long on analysis (whose day I think has come and gone) and dedicated to planning and operations. An old-fashioned how-to.

Just remember, there is nothing surgical about what the Left is doing in the streets. All their surgery place is taking in the schools, K-12, and on the campus. That should be our operating room, as well.

These are the barricades we need to assault.



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