Fake News Media; Comey Never Asked For More Money For Russia Investigation

Unprecedented Obstruction claims NYT

Ahhh, the Democrat Media! The New York Times, CNN, and the Washington Post all ran with the same fake news today…that FBI Director James Comey was fired because he asked for more money to continue the Russia investigation.

Here’s an example of what Pravda-on-the-Hudson considers ‘evidence.’

“I’m told that as soon as Rosenstein arrived, there was a request for additional resources for the investigation and that a few days afterwards, he was sacked,” said Mr. Durbin, a Democrat of Illinois. “I think the Comey operation was breathing down the neck of the Trump campaign and their operatives, and this was an effort to slow down the investigation.”

Why yes, there’s an unbiased, reputable source for you. Über-partisan Democrat Senator Dick Durbin! Yeah, they were breathing something all right…the stench of failure. There’s absolutely no evidence, not even a crumb that’s been found to link Trump’s campaign with Russia after all these months.

The Department of Justice essentially called Durbin and the fake news media liars.

GOP Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell has already denied Democrat requests for a new investigation. And of course, the Democrats are using procedural weapons as part of a tantrum over this to prevent any legislative work from being accomplished, even routine committee meetings.

It’s high time this nonsense stopped. The Democrats and their trained seals in the media do this every time they lose an election. Just think back to 2000 and 2004, to the joys of hanging chads and Diebold Machines in Ohio. It’s a device they use to keep from taking an honest look at themselves, much like malevolent, badly raised children do. And of course, to try to do what they can to deligitimize a sitting president.

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And here’s some empirical proof why the whole notion is simply left wing swamp fever fantasy. First off, Putin actually should have liked the idea of President Hillary. When she was Secretary of State, she gave him everything he wanted as part of that famous ‘reset.’..hanging Poland and Czechoslovakia out to dry by yanking promised missile defense aid, intel, top secret U.S. top secret defense information on our missile defense technology like Hit to Kill, control 20% of our uranium production…it’s a long list. And not only that, but the Russians are likely one of the states that hacked into Mrs. Clinton’s e-mails on her illegal private servers,including the ones she thought she deleted. Talk about leverage in negotiations! She really would have been Putin’s puppet. And since all the polls and most of the media were sure that Mrs. Clinton would win handily throughout the entire campaign, why would Putin bother to do anything that would put him at odds with  an incoming president?

The entire Trump/Russia conundrum is a fairy tale. Back when the polls, Mrs. Clinton, and her friends were all certain she was going to win the election, you never heard a word about this. The only thing they were concerned about was how WikiLeaks showed how corrupt the Democrat Party actually was. Loretta Lynch and James Comey had already spiked any serious investigation into the e-mail scandal by then. So there was no mention of Russia hacking the election.

That came out literally 24 hours after Mrs. Clinton conceded defeat.

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The Left’s hysteria .is all about what a new, honest and competent FBI chief might do…reopen the Clinton Foundation investigation Comey quashed, maybe grill Loretta Lynch or Huma over what really happened in the Clinton e-mail scandal…or IRS Gate, all sorts of things. I think the American people might just relish that, don’t you?

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