February 19, 2018

Female Genital Mutilation And Cultural Equivalence

Honor killing victims
Honor killing victims

By: Mike McDaniel    Does Islam mandate the genital mutilation of girls and women? Scholars differ on the relevant passage, as this link reveals.  However, even if one accepts the idea that it is not mandated, Islam’s other teachings, and its related cultural practices, which relegate women to a status little better than cattle, has made it inevitable in many Muslim societies. Such societies also routinely practice honor killing, the murder of women by any of their male relatives, for dishonoring their families. Such a case occurred in Irving, TX in 2008, when Egyptian, Yasar Abdel Said, murdered his 17 and 18 year-old daughters for becoming to westernized. He bravely ran away, likely to Egypt, and remains on the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted list. In Muslim Conquest Of The West: We’re Doing It For Them, Barbaric medieval practices are more common in American that the press reports. A story of genital mutilation, taking place in Detroit, is reported by Brietbart.

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