Fighting Tyranny with the Power of Knowledge

Welcome back weasel watchers! Typically I lead into into my posts with some sort of commentary on the weasel(s) that have offended me most at my time of writing. These posts are not preconceived or thought about much in advance, they just happen to be on my mind.

Today however I want to urge all of our fans (and detractors) to take 15-45 minutes out of your day and listen to one of my favorite talk radio hosts, Mark Levin. I listen to a lot of talk radio, from Rush to Savage to Laura Ingraham. I even stream that idiot Ed Schultz on Freedom 570 every morning for approximately 10-20 seconds just so I can disconnect from the stream right when he starts blubbering with the hope that the radio station monitors will see a dramatic drop in listeners as Laura Ingraham signs off and that dummy Schultz signs on.

All the conservative talk show hosts that I listen to have a knack for understanding today’s events in the context of history’s shadow. They understand the radical nature of the Obama administration and his Maoist followers in the Democratic party. But none of them connect the dots as well as Levin has done in his last two shows. Seriously, the first forty minutes of yesterday’s show as well as that of Monday’s excellent monologue should give you all the context you need to know about exposing the tactics and agenda of the radical left that has it’s neck on the throat of our liberty. Click on those links, it will be worth your time in gold. For all you lefties out there, give him at least 15 minutes before you go tell your friends how mean he is. These links are MP3 streams, download them and play them at your leisure. Only when you have empowered yourself with knowledge can you begin to strike back at the radicals in power and put them in the unemployment line where they belong.

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While listening to Mark you should be reading the excellent articles that have been submitted by the Watcher’s Council for consideration as the week’s best expose of weasels in our back yard. Please read these articles and pass them on to your friends.

Council Submissions

Non-Council Submissions

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Oh yeah, and one other thing. Please join the fight to defeat the GOP impostor in the NY-23 special election. Dede Scozzafava is exactly the kind of yellow bellied country club “moderate” Republican that has been destroying the Republican Party for the last 8 years. She even had the audacity to call the cops on Weekly Standard columnist John McCormack because he asked her some uncomfortable questions after a campaign event. She is anything but a conservative. Sellout should be embroidered on her outfits. Help take back our party and send the GOP a clear message. – The Watcher