The First Debate: Hillary’s Magic Touch


By: Mike McDaniel   Remember the kid your mother told you about?  The one she knew was going to get you in trouble? Multiply that maternal wisdom and certainty by many orders of magnitude, and you begin to understand the presidential debate of September 26, 2016 between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton has the magic touch. Everything, and everyone, she touches turns to a shriveled, black lump of malignancy. Those she hates—and that’s pretty much everyone in America—are put on enemies lists, their character is assailed, they’re marginalized, slandered, and attacked in every way the powerful can manage. The Clinton war rooms—who, for God’s sake, has a “war room” staffed with willing sycophants with even fewer scruples than Hillary Clinton? Where does one find such people?—are ubiquitous, and function even when the Clintons are not in elective office.

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