Forum:What is your Opinion Of The State Of Race Relations In America Today?

Every week on Monday morning , the Council and invited guests weigh in at the Watcher’s Forum, short takes on a major issue of the day. This week’s question: What is your Opinion Of The State Of Race Relations In America Today?

The Noisy Room: Until Obama became president, I would have said that race relations were a non-issue, at least in most venues. Since Obama has come into office, that has changed, however. Eric Holder and others have deliberately stoked the fires of racial conflict, welcoming the influence of the Black Panthers and the Muslim Brotherhood, with their hatred towards a variety of ethnicities and religious preferences. By using the race card to shield Obama from any criticism, the Left, including the media, have made race an issue once again, setting back progress in race relations at least 20 years, by selectively choosing not to enforce law based on race, including not only crimes by blacks, but also “immigration law,” predicating their actions and lack of action solely on racial fairness. In fact, to enhance the conflict, Obama is masterfully utilizing class warfare.

A scarred and healed wound has now been ripped open in our society, leaving a schism that is being manipulated for political gain. Most of America is not falling for this ploy. The Left would love a race war pitting races and religions against one another in this country. But as much as that tactic is pushed, the majority of America is still Christian and abhors such conflict. For most of us, race does not even enter the thought process… competency, ethics and morality does. And that is where the Marxists lose – Americans cherish their individual freedoms and feel a sense of family towards other American patriots, whether they be white, black, brown, red, yellow or purple. That will not stop the left utilizing massive propaganda to separate races and to push class warfare as a race issue though. After all, they adhere to Saul Alinksy’s Rules for Radicals and they need conflict to create a revolution and chaos, furthering the collapse of society and the reformation of a government closer to their heart’s desire (see: Fabian Socialists).

The Razor:Pardon the pun but race relations is a grey area. Over the past forty years that I’ve been aware of the issue, I’d have to say that the plain old bigotry is on the wane, but it hasn’t been replaced by racial harmony. Instead we have a situation where the Democratic party has demagogued the issue under the first African-American president, turning it into a weapon liberally used against anyone who opposes the party or its policies.

Anyone who questions the logic of affirmative action is charged as a racist. Anyone who wonders whether African-Americans are best served by the low expectations and government dependency fostered by liberal government policies is racist. Those of us who support school vouchers, which allow African-American kids to attend better schools and receive better educations, have been criticized as racist. Americans who oppose the Obama administration are racist. In fact it’s impossible for anyone who disagrees with the institutional Left and the Obama administration to avoid being dismissed as racists.

With the word bandied about so much in our public discourse, it is difficult to objectively determine where our nation stands on racism. I’m reminded of an incident a dozen years ago when I opposed a local rabbi at a town hall and was shouted down by the predominantly Jewish audience as being an anti-Semite and skinhead (rather amusing given my views on Israel are more in line with Israeli hardliners than the leftist American Jews). I spoke to my old roommate after the meeting who is a Jew and he told me that there was enough real anti-Semitism in this country Jews didn’t need to make more up. The same is probably true with white-black racism.

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