Franken-Stein: the dream (or nightmare?) Democrat party ticket for 2020

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If you’re thinking ahead to 2020, the ads for a ticket made up of Al Franken and Jill Stein — Franken-Stein, right? — simply write themselves. As you all are so much more clever about these things than I am, I’d love to see your suggestions for bumper stickers and political posters in the comments. Those suggestions that particularly tickle my funny bone might find themselves added to this post.

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  1. Interesting. but won’t happen.

    (A)Both are reliably Left wingers/prog fascists, but both are also Jews. While they are reliably anti-Israel (Stein especially), totally non-religious and disconnected from Judaism in every way, the mere fact that they are Jews would cut down Democrat votes from many blacks and totally from Muslims. These are both important and vital Democrat constituencies. Boinee had the same problem.

    (B) Al Franken has some potential major baggage..not just the probable voter fraud that got him elected, but his tenure on Air America and possible involvement with defrauding a charity by th enetwork that paid his salary. At the very least, he was aware of what was going on if not directly involved.

    A significant number of Jill Stein supporters are fairly disillusioned at the fact that the money they sent her for recounts simply ended up in her pocket.

    (C) Al Franken is an established senator in Minnesota who comes up for re-election in 2020. Minnesota is trending more and more red, especially in the suburbs north of the Twin Cities. Having someone new run could cost the Dems a seat.

    A is probably more important than ‘B’ or ‘C’
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