The Freddie Gray Case, Update 41.2: She Hasn’t Learned A Thing, Part 2

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By: Mike McDaniel   In Update 41, we learned, from the mouth of Marilyn Mosby, the morning after Freddy Gray’s arrest and injury, Mosby already decided the police would not cooperate with her, wouldn’t do what she asked, and had made up their minds. This despite the fact that the detectives that would investigate the case probably had not yet been assigned, and had not yet received all the necessary reports. The investigation had not begun. Mosby therefore decided to do her own investigation, which we now know never happened. Mosby had already settled on a social justice outcome and was going to ram it through regardless of the evidence. She would put people she knew to be innocent in prison, if she could. We continue with the story from the New York Times’ Wil S. Hylton: 

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