The Freddie Gray Case, Update 41.3: Eternally Aggrieved


By: Mike McDaniel   In the Freddie Gray case, the most significant remaining issue is Marilyn Mosby’s legal problems. I am, of course, more or less ignoring the damage Mosby did–and continues to do–to the rule of law and the havoc that continues to descend on Baltimore. Mosby has been sued, by all but one of the officers she charged, for false arrest and defamation, and a credible complaint against her for serial violations of legal ethics still stands before the Maryland Bar. Little of note has occurred in the first matter since August, and the Bar will keep its proceedings as secret as possible, and may never announce its decision, if indeed it is actually proceeding with an investigation, or merely doing an FBI/Loretta Lynch cover up disguised as an investigation. I suspect, however, Mosby will hasten to proclaim her innocence and virtue when and if she can.

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