The Freddie Gray Case, Update #43: Not A “Spring” Spring

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credit: wbaltv
credit: wbaltv

By: Mike McDaniel    The knife carried by Freddie Gray was, initially, one of the hooks upon which Marilyn Mosby and her two mini-me scowlers, Janice Bledsoe and Michael Schatzow, hung their hopes for convicting six Baltimore PD officers in the death of Freddie Gray. At first, they loudly claimed the knife was not illegal, hoping to render the arrest of Gray illegitimate. When it was pointed out Gray was charged under the Baltimore City ordinance rather than a related state law, which plainly made the knife illegal, they continued to make the same claims, later altered to claims that the knife had a spring, but really wasn’t spring assisted–you know, not a “spring” spring–and eventually dropped all mention of the knife. They did not pursue it in any of the trials. But bad lies die hard, particularly in the service of social justice, as The Baltimore Sun reports:

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