April 26, 2018

The Freddie Gray Case, Update 45: The Baltimore Death Spiral

credit: npr.org
credit: npr.org

By: Mike McDaniel    As I’ve previously reported, the failed prosecutions of Baltimore Police Officers in the accidental death of Freddie Gray have caused both immediate and long-term problems for the Baltimore Police Department, and for Baltimore. Such consequences were easily predictable, and as they have worsened, the Mayor, and other local and state politicians have thrown Prosecutor Marilyn Mosby under the bus, and pointed fingers at each other, not that any of them have done anything to address the inevitable problems inherent in decades of Democrat rule. Among the serious problems are a skyrocketing crime rate, largely due to the Ferguson Effect, worsened by the looming Federal takeover of the BPD. Criminals know the police will do little or nothing to stop them, and they are taking full advantage of it. Huge budget shortfalls in the schools, the police department, and every area of government also bedevil Baltimore.

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