Friends of a Feather: Obama Supporters Attack Tea Party Protesters, MSM Ideologue Spins On Israel

Democrats are stocking town halls with SEIU union members to add a counterbalance to ordinary Americans that are legitimately concerned about the government takeover of health care. As expected this has resulted in violence against those voicing opposition to the Obama agenda. The Democrats and their supporters in the media are angry and lashing out.

Supporters of Obama are resorting to calling the protesters tea baggers again. Here is a quote from Javonne Spitz, one of Rep. Russ Carnahan’s (DEMOCRAT-St. Louis) supporters, after she was arrested and maced for interference at a St. Louis Townhall.

“These tea baggers are dangerous,” she said. “I’m not going to any more town hall meetings until these people calm down.”

“Tea Bagger” is a key phrase in the leftist play book. Those that use it have come across the term in one of two ways, from experience or by reading left leaning blogs. Its use in this manner is a sure sign that Spitz is a left wing nut job with little to argue, hence the slur.

Carnahan did his best to stock the townhall with SEIU thugs while simultaneously locking out tea party protesters but the effort failed. Here is a video of the SEIU members getting access through a handicapped entrance:

This is how Democrats build support; through trickery and subversion. (Hat Tip – Michelle Malkin, Gateway Pundit)

How are the leading leftists in Congress reacting to this grass roots effort? They attack you. Harry Reid claims that the protesters are not part of some sort of grass roots effort but rather an AstroTurf campaign of fake protesters. Nancy Pelosi saidI think there are AstroTurf — you be the judge, carrying swastikas and symbols like that to a town meeting on health care.”

This is a simple look into the minds of two leaders of Congress attacking regular Americans, lying and attempting to label them as Nazis, merely because Pelosi, Obama and Reid are facing opposition to their policies. They have sent out orders to stock meetings with union thugs, set up a government website for snitches to report on their neighbors and continue to threaten the freedoms of Americans using tactics regularly practiced by the likes of Hugo Chavez.

Not surprisingly Health Care was a winning topic in the weekly WOW contest for best post. The following video is from a posting, Obama Health Care Reform and Wait Times Visualization (In Lego!)

Never forget that the left is attacking its self sworn enemies simultaneously son many fronts. While Americans are focused on health care the administration and their cheerleaders in the media continue to spin on Israel.

Soccer Dad exposed the dishonesty behind Obamaite Thomas Friedman’s “advice” on how to repair the current American Israeli impasse.

The President is not working on a deal. He has, perhaps, one in mind. But it seems that no one is buying it. Certainly not the Saudis. And the Palestinians have concluded that they need not compromise if American pressure on Israel can be counted on. Of course asking Israel to surrender something concrete and irreversible for gestures that can easily be reversed is par for the course.

But that’s typical for Friedman. He is very much an ideologue in the Peace Now / J Street mold. So when he writes of American Jewish opposition to “settlements” he speaks for himself and his compatriots. It isn’t that this view is necessarily popular among American Jews, but that this is the view of the administration.

Friedman for his part has been rather blind about continued Israeli concessions not bringing peace.

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