Getting Rid Of ObamaCare The Common Sense Way

ObamaCare has been a fiscal disaster as well as a healthcare disaster. The lies and misrepresentations of the Obama Administration and the Democrats to shove it through are common knowledge by now, and so is failure of most of the health exchanges. Most of the people who signed up for ObamaCare were people on MedicAid who were getting health care at no cost anyway, while many people who had functional plans saw their premiums skyrocket, their coverage diminished and their co-pays increase to the point where their coverage was essentially meaningless, especially at the Bronze level. Many workers, especially in small businesses actually saw their hours cut below full time simply because complying with ObamaCare and it’s arcane rules and requirements was too expensive and/or too time consuming. Many doctors in private practice refused to accept it for the same reasons. A fair amount of ObamaCare’s victims simply chose to pay the mandated penalty instead of the high premiums and hope they never got sick.

ObamaCare was simply one of the worst scams ever foisted on the American people, and even many of its original proponents now admit that the flimflam about it being a money saver and deficit reducer were ‘overstated.’

Repealing ObamaCare was a campaign promise of President Trump’s as well as many Republicans now in Congress. Yet it’s been delayed.

The reasons are pretty obvious. First of all, there are a couple of provisions many people like, especially if they work in government, which had the staff and other people’s money to tailor their plans so that there was compliance with only a modest increase in co-pays and premiums, most of which ere partially paid for by their employer, or rather, the taxpayers. Particularly popular were the provisions allowing people to keep their children on their plans until age 26 and not allowing insurers to deny people with pre-existing conditions.

Second, insurance is a business based on future projections. Rates are figured on the basis of risk and probable future cost in advance, and a change now would create chaos in the industry. There’s also the factor that a lot of the people on ObamaCare who aren’t paying anything for coverage anyway like the status quo. And they vote.

That’s why you’re seeing the dithering going on in congress over getting rid of this costly travesty. A lot of republicans are now talking about ‘fixing ‘ ObamaCare rather than repeal, or not doing anything until a legitimate replacement is created.

Both ideas are seriously flawed. Here’s why, and how to get rid of ObamaCare in a commonsense way.

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