Google and Facebook – Trump Drops the Hammer on Big Tech, Says Google, Facebook are In “Very Antitrust Situation”

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Google and Facebook

“…almost 100% of the MSM is controlled by the deep state “colluding” (I love this word) with corporations in a fascistic manner. If you don’t know what I am talking about, both Google and Facebook are CIA/DARPA front companies, seeded with money and know-how from intel/military agencies. Which means, public monies, i.e. they’re not so “private” after all. Also, the MSM media is controlled by a handful of corporations. 90%+ of the anti Trump media (CNN, WaPo, NYT etc) is owned by a few rich cats.

EXCERPT – Article By Chris Black

“And despite their huge power, influence and reach, all they’re now trying to do is to silence dissent on the “interwebz”, by shutting “politically incorrect” people up on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. People with only a tiny fraction of their reach and money by the way.

“Also, while MSM pundits like CNN are making temper-tantrums as Trump is criticizing their fake-news behavior, claiming it to be a breach of their 1stamendment rights, they’re also playing a crucial role in silencing their  opposition in the “alternative media”. It’s all about money after all. Money equals power and influence. We used to have a 1st amendment in this country, but now it’s getting destroyed by mainstream media and big tech, via coordinated attacks against anyone who disagrees with them. And this is de facto nullifying the 1st amendment for millions of Americans.”

Well, that didn’t take long. Following the global uproar in the aftermath of the Masters of the Universe banning and censoring conservatives left and right on their social media platforms (Alex Jones comes to mind, but there are many unsung heroes in the alternative media wars), President Trump dropped the hammer on Big Tech, in a fire and fury statement.

If you think I am exaggerating, guess which two words are most feared by tech behemoths like Google and Facebook. Anti and Trust. Antitrust. And Trump has hinted on Thursday that he regards Big Tech to be in a “very antitrust situation”. It doesn’t get any better than this for folks like Andrew Anglin (the founder of the Daily Stormer, who saw his domain registrar/Google deleting his website from the “interwebz” totally, and all his payment processors banning him since 2017 if memory serves, not to mention Facebook, Twitter et al) or Alex Jones. Or worse, if you’re a stock holder at Facebook or Google.

Do you know what antitrust means….?

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