Growing Calls for a Convention of States is Problematic.

For years, Publius Huldah, Judi Caler and even the late Phyllis Schlafly have warned us against a Convention of States (Article V Convention aka Balanced Budget Amendment) while the likes of  Mark Levin and Mark Meckler have pushed in favor of a Convention of States.

In spite of nasty verbal assaults  and slander by so-called fellow Conservatives, Huldah, Caler and Schlafly stood by their convictions as they continued to warn us that Progressives, such as George Soros and Larry Lessig are pulling the strings for a Convention of States , often collaborating with their friends on the right. (See:  Convention of States Adopts Newspeak to Sell the Con-Con).

Republican and Conservative leaders calling for a Convention of States have omitted the Communist agenda for an Article V Convention from their talking points and the very real possibility of a runaway convention resulting in unintended consequences. (See: Mark Levin Refuted… and Communist Sympathizer Mag “The Nation” Backs Convention of States)

Calling for Convention of States, Communists see an opening.

Since the Parkland shooting, gun control advocates and their fellow Communists smell blood in the water or at least they think they do.  Feeling empowered, Communists are openly pushing the repeal of the Second Amendment while at the same time stepping up the call for a Convention of States.

While yes, America is a nation that is more divided than ever and as Americans, we should find common ground that would bring us together, for the future of this great nation, for our children, grandchildren and their children; but a Convention of States is not one of them nor is the repeal of the Second Amendment.

READ  Prohibition and the Great Society show that the government should not legislate vast social trends

The Hill by David A. Super

One group seeking a convention in the hope that it would produce a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution claims — using highly dubious math — to have resolutions from 28 of the 34 states required to compel Congress to call such a convention. Another group, the Convention of States Project (COSP), seeks more broadly to strip the federal government of power. The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) is supporting this effort. 

A liberal group, Wolf PAC, has persuaded a handful of blue states to request an Article V convention with the hope that it will reform campaign finance law.

Much of the opposition to calling an Article V convention results from the danger that such a convention could veer in dangerous and unpredictable directions, especially in this toxic political atmosphere.  Recognizing these concerns about a runaway Article V convention, COSP and ALEC have urged states to pass laws purporting to direct delegates how to vote and providing for those delegates’ recall should the delegates disobey the legislature’s instructions constraining how their delegates could vote.

These bills are a sham that do nothing to reduce the dangers of calling an Article V convention[…]

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Collaborating with Communists, NOT AN OPTION.

About that runaway convention, see: Why States Can’t Prevent a Runaway Convention.

To those on the right who believe that a Convention of States is the way to go, think again.  This should be a wake up call.

Lastly, if for no other reason than the fact that Communists have for years been pushing for a Convention of States, Republicans and Conservatives must recognize the hard truth that both sides are collaborating, down to the same talking points against We The People.  Newspeak: “The system is broken and to fix our broken system, we need a new constitutional convention.”

If you don’t believe me, just google the following words:

READ  Prohibition and the Great Society show that the government should not legislate vast social trends

“to fix our broken system, we need a new constitutional convention.”

Problematic, indeed.

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