Happy Flag Day, America.


Today is Flag Day and the U. S. Army’s 243rd birthday.

Happy Flag Day, America.

Happy Birthday, 243 to the United States Army.

Happy Birthday President Donald J. Trump.

I love the U. S. Military, I love Flag Day and okay, I’m a tad partial to the 45th President of the United States.



Today takes me back to my childhood and how my family (parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and neighbors) would go all out to honor our soldiers and Old Glory.

My mother would wake us up for an extra early breakfast in order to prepare us for the day ahead.  She would dress us in the colors of the American flag, i.e., red, white and blue.  Each one of the girls wore a white skirt, white blouse or a white sundress along with a red, white and blue polka dot bow in our hair and white sandals or sneakers.  My brother wore white shorts (or blue), a white button up shirt with a blue or red bow-tie and white sneakers.

Looking sharp in our red, white and blue outfits carrying our flags, the family would head off to the parade on Eastern Parkway or at the Brooklyn Armory.  Although the parade never started before 9:30 or 10 a.m., we would arrive at ground zero no later than 8 a.m. just to secure a good spot. The adults had their folding or lawn chairs and the young ones sat on newspaper spread out at the edge of the curb.

Those were magical times.  Sitting or standing, we would stare up in awe at the soldiers as they marched by on foot, in army tanks, or on horseback. The bands, machine guns (yeah those were the days, my brother would go nuts), every division of the U. S. military, our veterans, were all on display.  Everything was shiny and American flags were everywhere.  Liberty, freedom, love of country and American pride was front and center.  On top of it all, the sun always shined bright.

After the parade, there would be the usual festivities, bbq’s, family gatherings, etc.

Old Glory was everywhere, that is up until New York City began to spiral downward toward fast becoming a sanctuary city and worse.

I still live in Brooklyn, New York (born there) in the midst of what is now a sanctuary state and even though I may stick out like a sore thumb, depending on whom one asks (as if I care), I wear my American flag pin, button and even a red, white and blue outfit.

Every now and then these day, I catch someone staring me up and down because of my American flag pin or red, white and blue attire.  The individual is usually an illegal or a Communist who assumes that  I’m not paying attention but  like our President, I am a New Yorker/proud American and outspoken as heck. I react by suddenly turning around or looking fast enough to deliver a cold stare into the eyes of the offender.  Having been caught off guard, the offender “checks” his or herself, message received.

Well, the military parades that were once in abundance here in NYC are long gone.  If I recall, the parades disappeared in certain communities a year or two after Republican-Liberal (aka RINO) John Lindsay was elected mayor of New York.

Two decades or so down the line…the American flag is not on display except in strategic locations, certain neighborhoods and then one has to fight like the dickens to keep it so.

People not born in the USA and those who are of the “hyphenated” lot flash their country’s colors, Taliban tassles, etc. but Old Glory is MIA.

Since the era of John Lindsay, every Labor Day, there is a huge West Indian Day parade on Eastern Parkway where flags, labels and signs from every nation in the Caribbean, South America, and Africa are on display. Finding an American flag in this crowd of anti-Americans was non-existent and I suspect dangerous….until 9/11.

From Labor Day 2002-2006 or 2007, bands, marchers, dancers and attendees of the parade proudly flew American flags. Enter 2008 (coincidence?), American flags suddenly disappeared with the exception of Americans not marching in the parade.

Throughout the years, in spite of urban communities across the country, including NYC, embracing anti-American attitudes, on American holidays or honor, remembrance and tribute, I display my love of country in such a way that one cannot help but notice from the music, to books, movies I attend with my grandchildren, museums, parades, events and the outfits that I purchase for my grandchildren, especially my grandson who wears his American flag shirts, shorts, sneakers, hats, wristbands, sunglasses, bookbags, etc. proudly. Like grandma, “J” loves Old Glory, Edmund L. Gruber’s “The Army Goes Rolling Along” and a few others that I have taught him (his sister could care less) and he’s not afraid to show it.

In response to the dirtbag Progressives looking to rain on President Trump’s parade on his birthday. (Marxists have no shame.)

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