Happy to Wake Up in a Bizarro World

By Scott Kirwin

If you had asked me 2 years ago that I would not only be writing the phrase “President-Elect Trump”, but would vote for the guy as one of Hillary’s hated Deplorables. I would have thought you were smoking some of what California just legalized. But it has happened and honestly it needed to happen. America has become such a joyless place under the Democrats and their Safe-Space supporters, who better than a reality TV star to lighten things up.

I never thought it would happen but it has happened, just as I never thought the Brits would wise-up to the EU racket and tell the Germans and French to sod off. Or that the Cubs – my 2nd favorite baseball team – would win the World Series.

And as my leftist friends meltdown on Twitter and Facebook all I can say is: F**king get a grip. You are embarrassing yourselves in front of your children and grandchildren.