Heroes To Heroes Foundation – Because 20 Veterans A Day In The United States Commit Suicide

My good friend Micheal Haltman wrote the following article, and as anyone who knows him will confirm, he is what I’d call a kindness advocate, someone who doesn’t wait for others to take the lead when it comes to charity…and not just by donating, but by doing the work involved to set up the mechanisms for it, a rare gift This article is about the Heroes To Heroes Foundation, a worthy cause I think more people need to know about.

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UPDATE, June 26, 2017: Heroes To Heroes Blue

For our nation’s active-duty police officers, the completely confidential Heroes To Heroes Blue is going to provide the same extremely successful spiritual healing program that it has been providing to U.S. military combat veterans suffering with depression, moral injury and traumatic brain injury. First ‘Blue’ journey in early 2018!

Heroes To Heroes Blue


Heroes To Heroes Foundation veteran Billy at the Wailing Wall!

Heroes To Heroes Foundation veteran Billy at the Wailing Wall!

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They stepped-up to serve in the United States military so that the rest of us could continue to live the American dream in peace!

Some soldiers came home unscathed, some made the ultimate sacrifice and some came home with debilitating physical injuries.

And still other combat veterans came home from battle with injuries that cannot be seen by the naked eye, yet are no less painful.

These injuries include depression, moral injury and traumatic brain injury (TBI)!

And while there are any number of great charities dedicated to helping our military veterans, this article highlights the Heroes To Heroes Foundation.

Why Should Individuals And Businesses Consider Donating To Heroes To Heroes Foundation (HTH) Rather Than Another Veterans Charity?

So many charities do great work helping our wounded veterans, all with mission statements dedicated to the well-being of these brave Americans!

But if one’s donation dollars are limited and only one charity can be chosen, how can a potential donor decide which one to send their check to?

It is an extremely personal decision so these are some of the reasons why Heroes To Heroes Foundation should be considered!

  1. With veteran suicides occurring at such an alarming rate (20 a day), Heroes To Heroes addresses the issue in an extremely effective way by combining spirituality with peer support through non-denominational journey’s to Israel where the veterans will at some point during the trip find the emotional strength to open-up and finally begin the process of healing. A key component is our 10 US veterans connecting with 5 IDF soldiers who travel with them and are critical in the missions success. We are gratified to say that since returning home from Israel, none of our program participants have taken their lives and, in fact, the vast majority have finally been able to start living them!
  2. The Heroes To Heroes Foundation is predominantly volunteer. Through their belief in the HTH mission they donate their time, energy and money.
  3. Unlike charities that raise in the hundreds of millions of dollars a year, donations to Heroes To Heroes or participation in one of the many available sponsorship opportunities can actually move the needle and make a real difference in the lives of the veterans HTH works with. The HTH goal is to ultimately send 200 veterans a year to Israel at a cost of approximately $7,500 per veteran. Heroes To Heroes is currently sending approximately 50 vets a year.
  4. Approximately 85 cents of every dollar raised goes directly towards helping the veterans.
  5. After much thought, consideration and vetting, Hallmark Abstract Service President Michael Haltman chose to serve on the Board of the Heroes To Heroes Foundation! In addition an examination of the stature and character of the members of the HTH Advisory Board shows the belief of so many in the organizations mission!

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Read the Heroes To Heroes story here.

Watch a short video about Heroes To Heroes here.

WPIX Channel 11/NY video of a soldiers story here.

Video testimonials by Heroes To Heroes military veteran journey participants here.

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