Hillary adulation continues unabated in a post-truth America

Hillary Adulation

An extreme bit of Hillary adulation showed up on my Facebook feed today:

In case the “see more” button on the post doesn’t work, this is what Andrew Mayzak had to say:

Can we talk about this for a minute?

This is a Yale-educated law professor, First Lady, Senator, and Secretary of State who:

-Endured 25 years of smear campaigns
-Lost the Electoral College by 80,000 votes
-Won the popular vote by 3 million votes
-Attended her opponent’s inauguration
-Received no handshake from Trump
-Was booed by the crowd when she appeared

And goddammit… LOOK at her. Polished and confident, wearing white for the Suffragettes, her husband taking *her* arm instead of the other way around.

Symbolism matters.

Perseverance matters.

She matters.

This is the godmother of New America, a rational, pragmatic, imperfect human being who was born 50 years too early for her gender to be a non-issue in an election.

While she missed the presidency, she arrived just in time to show us all, in unflinching terms, the deep undercurrent of sexist double standards in our society.

And in doing so, she taught generations of girls and women that yes, you DO matter and yes, you CAN do anything.

From my viewpoint, that Hillary adulation is appalling, not just because it’s slobbering sycophancy that should embarrass anyone over the age of seven, but because so much of it is untrue. Underlying all the untruths is a disturbing refusal to recognize that even that best person occasionally has feet of clay. For example, even those of us who support Trump acknowledge his foibles. I’m putting my faith in his presidency being the necessary corrective to the last 8 years and, indeed, the last 25 years, but I’d be a fool if I didn’t acknowledge that he’s vulgar, self-absorbed, and manipulative. As for his relationship to the truth, I see him guilty mostly of puffery (i.e., exaggeration) than out-and-out dishonesty — which is not virtuous, but it’s not a cardinal sin.

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