Hillary Allows Kids To Ask Her Questions — At $2,700 apiece!

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Even I had trouble believing this one, but the NY Times actually reported in way down the page below the fold Saturday…(hat tip, Kyle at American Mirror)

a link, just because this defies belief otherwise:

For a donation of $2,700, the children (under 16) of donors at an event last month at the Sag Harbor, N.Y., estate of the hedge fund magnate Adam Sender could ask Mrs. Clinton a question. A family photo with Mrs. Clinton cost $10,000, according to attendees.

The questions the kids are asking appear to be rehearsed and vetted carefully, but that’s nothing new with Hillary Clinton’s campaign. Have you seen some of the ‘questions’ reporters are asking her when they get that very rare opportunity? And of course, they’re her donor’s kids, so they’re not going to mention anything embarrassing like:

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