Hillary Clinton: A Pardoner’s Tale?

credit: westernjournalism.com
credit: westernjournalism.com
credit: westernjournalism.com

By: Mike McDaniel    With the newest Hillary Clinton debacle, the issue of presidential pardons has, once again, come up. As I’ve been writing for quite some time, I have no doubt Barack Obama will, in a veritable blizzard of pardons, absolve Hillary Clinton and anyone else that could possibly do him harm. But can a president pardon him—or her—self?

Anyone thinking my predictions outlandish, need only refer to the continuing record of Mr. Obama’s pardons and clemencies, such as this from The Washington Post:   

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    This chilling video will curl your toes – Huma Abedin’s terrorist ties.
    SaudiArabia contributed $25mil to the ClintFound’n & has funded 20% of HC’s campaign
    Who is Huma Abedin? Is she connected to the funders of the 9-11 terrorist attacks?
    What are her ties to the Muslim Brotherhood & will Clinton Admin usher in advocacy of Sharia
    Law? Should she be permitted security clearance? I don’t know the answers to these
    questions, but they warrant further investigation after viewing this information

    NYPD PolChief has 500k new ems w ‘staggering, stomach turning’ evid on HC & will go public,
    “if FBI & JDept don’t indict,” adding, “Ppl r going to jail. No escaping what we found.” Evid links
    HC to~ Money laundering~ Child exploit~ Sex w minors~ Perjury~ CFound’n Pay2play~
    ObstructJust~ Other felonies.

    NYPD reported HC wore ‘inductive earpiece,’ at NBC’s Presidential forum w Matt Lauer, the
    same tech used by Broadway actors to receive forgotten lines.

    Stunning Elite Banks, HC transferred $1.8Bil fr CF to Qatar via JPMorgan, raising spec HC plans
    to bolt US if she loses, fleeing prosecution fr crimes & treason under a Trump Admin. Qatar does
    not have an extradition treaty w the US.

    Snopes Political ‘fact checker’, Kim Lacapria, is idealogical leftist, called Reps ‘regressive, ‘afraid of female agency.’ Called TeaParty, “teahadists,” & called B.Clinton ‘1 of the greatest Presidents.’
    Snopes has been busted for numerous lies/inaccuracies.

    More than 15 US Intelligence Agencies supplying material to WLks against Clintons.

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