Hillary Clinton’s Psych Game – Height.


Because 99% of all things surrounding Hillary Clinton is either a lie or an illusion, NBC is gracing Her Highness with a customized 10″ lectern to give viewers the impression that Clinton[i] 5’2″ is right up there (height-wise) with Donald Trump who is 6’3”.

So, let me get this straight, Hillary Clinton who has been hacking for the past year, has had several seizures, blamed her health crisis on pneumonia and has these past few months canceled the majority of her campaign rallies is expected to board a customized 10″ raised podium and stay put under painfully hot stage lights for 90 minutes?

How is that?  If you recall, Hillary Clinton collapsed like a ton of bricks two weeks ago at the 911 Memorial in New York City after being there less than an hour in 79-degree temps under partly cloudy skies.

Am I missing something like a miniature battery operated cooling unit strategically placed in her podium?  (Just wondering.)

Judging from Twitter, Hillary’s big girl podium is fooling no one and then, of course, there is the question as to legitimacy of the customized podium.

[i]              There are some reports that Clinton is actually 5’6” while other reports say 5’4”.  After having found myself several years ago within a few feet of the Crooked One, I have concluded that Hillary who is noticeably shorter than myself is closer to 5’2” the most.

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