Cash for Clunkers Failure: How Long Until Obama Blames Bush?

I am waiting to see how long it takes for President Barack Obama to throw someone under the bus for the embarrassingly eye opening government boondoggle dubbed “Cash for Clunkers”. In this case I am sure there are so many idiots involved in this massive failure that he will have to revert to the tried and true; Blame Bush.

These are the same idiots that want to run your health care. The same idiots that claimed how they were saving jobs with a bogus “stimulus” bill while unemployment edges to record highs. The same idiots that took Hugo Chavez’s side in Honduras, sat by while North Korea lobbed missile after missile into the atmosphere and literally sat by and watched as Iran killed protesters in the street.

Cash for clunkers is so bad that dealers are having buyers sign contracts with a special clause to return the new vehicle in case the government fails to honor their word on the program. A program that was suspended before it was reinstated.

These people want to make your health care decisions for you. Do you trust them? (For more see Michelle Malkin)

This week we gather at WoW to tabulate the votes on the weekly contest seeking the cream of the crop in the blogosphere and mainstream media that superbly exposes and informs about weasels in their midst.

On the council side the Razor brings us an enlightening article called “Waging Lawfare: A Call to Arms“. In it he discussed the tactic of using ones own resources as a tool of attack in battle; in this case he is referring to our own laws.

The ethics charges against Palin displays the power of lawfare. The term was first used in the book Unrestricted Warfare published in 1999 by two colonels in the Chinese People’s Liberation Army. It’s essence is defined by Charles J. Dunlap Jr as “the use of law as a weapon of war.”  One of the key guerrila tactics from Sun Tsu through Lenin, Mao and most recently al-Qaeda is to use one’s enemy’s own resources against them. When Khalid Sheik Mohammed was captured, one of the first things he did under questioning was laugh and demand to speak to his lawyer. Luckily for hundreds of Americans, Mohammed was waterboarded instead and divulged plans for a large scale terrorist attack.

al-Qaeda continues to train its operatives in the usage of lawfare. Jihadists are taught to demand legal representation or protection by the Geneva Convention, even though as enemy combatants who do not wear uniforms to blend in with non-combatants they are accorded no legal rights nor protection under the Geneva Convention. Jihadists in Europe and Canada have learned to use hate-speech laws to silence their critics while continuing to work to overthrow the societies protecting them. These actions only make sense when the law is viewed as yet another weapon at the terror group’s disposal, no different than a bomb, a gun or a fully loaded jet liner.

While the war between Democrats and Republicans is of an entirely different nature than between Western Civilization and the Islamofascists, lawfare is still a powerful weapon. The smearing of Sarah Palin stands as one of the lowest concerted political efforts since the Right attacked Hillary Clinton in the Bill Clinton administration.

On the non-council side we have a superb article by Michael Yon. In that piece Mr. Yon presents various pictures of Afghanistan as seen from satellite technology with commentary supporting the premise he wishes to convey. For instance

“Afghanistan as seen from the shoes of pundits who do not land here, who often say we have enough helicopters. Any politician who says we have enough helicopters should be shunned for incompetence, lying, or both.”

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