How the other half lives

On behalf of Bookworm, I’m re-posting Bookie’s journal of her latest travels.  Enjoy!

By Bookworm

I am doing something I’ve never done before — flying business class. This opportunity came about because Mr. Bookworm is masterful at finding credit cards that give points. So it is that I’ll be in the lap of luxury for the next however many hours it takes for us to get to Beijing.

I’m not even on the plane and I’m already enjoying the difference. Instead of being in the waiting area with the hoi poloi (i.e., me every other time I’ve flyed), I’m in the Singapore Air lounge. The chairs are comfortable, the drinks range from sodas to espressos to fine alcohol, the dainty snacks are delicious, the bathrooms are private and immaculate, and there are abundant electrical outlets. I’m going to have a hard time adjusting to my usual mode of travel which, of course, is like everyone else’s usual mode of travel[…]

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