Huffington Post Deletes Post Telling Young Women to Cover Up at Football Games

The Huffington Post this morning deleted an post written by contributor Rebecca Walden entitled, “Young ladies of the SEC, cover it up!” in which Walden admonished SEC’s female college students for their choice of wearing apparel, rather lack thereof during last week’s Alabama-USC game at AT&T Stadium. [Score No. 1 Alabama 52, No. 20 Southern Cal 6]

The September 3rd post although well-written and nothing more than an American exercising her right to free speech and concerns was ill-received by the usual suspects and, therefore, censored out of existence.

Notice the screenshot of Walden’s post, featured above before Huffington Post took it down (courtesy of BamaBangs/Reddit).  Below is an excerpt of Walden’s commentary re-posted at Saturday Down South.

Dear young ladies of the SEC, can you do us all a solid and start covering it up?

Standing amongst many of you at the recent Alabama-USC game in AT&T Stadium, I was bewildered.

An Alabama student myself not 20 years ago, I remember what fun it was to dress up for football games. My friends and I would scour the racks of Banana Republic and other favorite stores for anything and everything crimson. We’d swap favorite pieces, share accessories and pull together our “best look” week after week, not only for those cute fraternity boys, but also to cheer on the mighty Tide.

What we didn’t want, and what we never did, was to show up for a college football game looking like we belonged in a Victoria’s Secret fashion show….

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The comments beneath the above article at Saturday Down South was surprisingly mixed but then we get to Mediaite who took the opportunity to bash the commentary while conjecturing a level of hypocrisy on Walden’s part.

‘Families attend these games. Little eyes are watching you,’ she continued. ‘On behalf of them, and the rest of us who feel embarrassed for you as you walk by, stop baring almost all in the name of game day fashion.’ She did not mention the equally appalling moment when USC defensive end Jabari Ruffin intentionally stomped on an opposing player’s crotch, which USC coach Clay Helton only punished with a laughable half-game suspension against Utah State….

Shame on you, Mediaite.

The Huffington Post was either unaware or paid little attention to Walden’s op-ed, that is until ran an opposing piece, entitled, “Young Ladies of the SEC, Wear Whatever You Want.” by Sarah Fowerbaugh who put off by Walden’s bewilderment responded:

Ms. Walden, though I’m sure your intentions were only good and you had our best interests at heart, your incredibly sexist and demeaning assumptions about what we choose to wear only proves that your old world understanding of the game day rituals here in the SEC is a bit skewed….

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“old world understanding of the game day rituals?”
All want has to do is look over the tags above Fowerbaugh’s response to get where she’s coming from, i.e.:

Ladies, ladies, ladies! Can’t we all just agree to disagree [or has the idea of agreeing to disagree become old world, as well]?

Apparently so because hours later, the PC police at the Huffington Post clamping down on Walden’s First Amendment rights deleted the op-ed from the website leaving in its place the following note: “This post from The Huffington Post Contributor Platform is no longer available on our site.” (see screenshot below).


Translation: Huffington Post is not a free speech zone.

Lastly, politically correct to a fault, what would the Huffington Post do if a Muslim wrote a post demanding that young women cover up at football games or anywhere else on U. S. soil?

Answer: We know what the ideologues at Huffington Post would not do.

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