“…Hurry Up Please, It’s Time….” The ONLY Way Hillary Stays Out Of Jail?

Legs & Co, circa 1977

As T.S. Eliot said, “it’s time.”

Time to close up and get the hell out of Dodge.

Time for all good Democrats to hang up, stop drinking, and go home. Because it looks like they want to nominate an old, senile, baby-touching, hair-sniffing, digit-sucking pervert named Joe Biden.

I spoke to several Libs. The general consensus among them seems to be, “Biden’s just a Hugger, is all. C’mon, man, he’s a Hugger!

As far as Biden’s obvious senility and confusion–well-documented, even on the left–I was told, generally, “All lies. Just lies made up by Trump. And by Jews in The Bernie campaign.”


That’s actually fine with me in-so-far-as the upcoming 2020 election is concerned. But I am dumbstruck by the choice.

Actually, it can’t really be Biden, whom the Masters have chosen.


Something else is afoot.

This, about Biden, is some shadow play. A Part of The Master Plan not yet revealed, to broker in somebody else.

I wood say as in, Hillary Clinton for President?

I ask myself, how ELSE can she stay out of jail, except by running for President or Vice President? I think thats’s how she became a senator from New York, originally.

Seems likely to me.

I mean: Trump will likely bust a move real soon. He has to, in order to survive. I mean: they Seem to want him dead or in jail. He has to take them all out. Right?

Bernie has been removed. No conflict there at a brokered deal. Right?

So, I say: it will likely be Hillary.

To the ordinary democrat, I guess ANYthing—at this point—seemed better than Crazy Bernie the Commie. Yup. Must be it.

Hence, Biden in, Bernie out.

If only they knew, Biden out, Hillary in?

Perfect. Not a bad maneuver. Very good, in fact. And done quietly, at the very top.

A move executed with perfection. From. The. Very. Tip-Top.

Actually, If I were a lunatic Democrat, I’d rather vote for Legs & Co. It would mean 8 years of eye-candy, and plenty of tits and ass—whoopsie, I mean titillation and ass—whoa! I mean–in the mass media. Or something. (I dunno.)


Anyways, I swore I’d stop writing. Because there were no minds left to change. Reason had evaporated. Everybody seemed to already know what they wanted.

But, I must say, Democrat choices, statements, and actions regarding what’s left of America, and their “corona virus” deal, seem to be pushing the entire country into stark raving madness. “The brink,” is long past. We are now in an official state of lunacy.

It seems to me this entire “corona panic,” is Lib, democrat induced and run. It seems designed to reduce travel, movie attendance, dining out at restaurants, sports attendance—anything that takes place in a public venue.

Concerts, supermarkets, political affairs, parties, dating, sex–just ANYTHING at all where there is more than one person.


It seems to me, the Lib, democrat, political, communist goal is to induce a financial collapse of the USA Economy. Then, blame it on Trump, and reap electoral “benefits.”

In the Lib, democrat rush to insanity, they don’t seem to care one bit about America, Americans, or The American Way (law, fairness, equality, and protection.)

Democrats don’t give one shit, what happens to YOU, your family, spouse, significant Other, your dog, cat, goldfish, or–anything else. Other than “Get Trump,” and elect another, godammed, commie democrat.

Calls for communism, Corona beer, death to Trump, “sensible gun control,” and “molon labe” seem to be drowning out most other venues of expression.

Articles are shorter. But they finally contain more actual information about liberal democrat bullshit, names, dates, and fraud. They no longer consist of polite “analyses,” and Newspeak chit-chat, politely detailing the latest democrat bullshit.

These are things I have been writing about and requesting from “conservative” writers, for maybe two years. Now, it seems to be happening.

So, I came back to re-tell you another secret nobody is writing about–yet:

There will BE no election.

It will be disrupted, stolen, or declared null and void, by Democrats, their enablers, promoters, and enforcers.

“Black-clad Antifa marchers arrive at Civic Center Park, Sunday, Aug. 27, 2017, in a counter-protest against a planned alt-right rally in Berkeley, California. (Karl Mondon/Bay Area News Group)” – https://www.mercurynews.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/ebt-0903-antifa-701.jpg

It will be Understood, as the Thing To Do. “‘To erupt, we must disrupt. To be free, we must see.”

It will be patriotic; or It will be religious; Or it will be “anti-fascist,” or It will be “just following orders.”

That’s all.

Remember though: vote.

Oh…and you might as well vote for Legs & Co.

And vote often.

(Can’t take my eyes off Sue. )







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  1. I’ll tell ya’ – I’m more worried about that possibility than COVID-19. You know what they say about a cornered rat.

    And we gotta whole lot of those DemocRATs. Who will be throwing themselves off the tower, in hopes of hitting some Trump supporters at the bottom. If they’ve got to go, they’re gonna take a few of us with them.

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