I Wonder If the Media Sees Themselves in the Mirror?

It has occurred to me that I have overused the terms idiot and moron in my weekly writeup announcing the week’s council submissions. So this week I thought why not change it up.

Instead of describing CNN’s Jack Cafferty as a blithering idiot for his on air crush with Michelle Obama I think drooling admirer might connote a more positive assessment of a person that I consider to be a shining example of what has become of the mainstream media today. See what you think:

I think I am developing a crush on America’s first lady. Michelle Obama is more compelling than her husband. He’s good, but she’s utterly fascinating.

Mrs. Obama has blown away the stale air in a White House musty from eight years of the Bushes. It’s like the sun came out and a fresh spring breeze began wafting through the open windows.

It’s the people’s house, and Michelle Obama totally gets it. So much so that she has taken to inviting people in from the streets to see her home. Nice touch — one completely lacking in her recent predecessors.

Watch her when she visits a local school and you see the warmth and affection she instantly triggers in people.

Cafferty is not alone in this department; not by a long shot. Perhaps we should create a new award called “The Cafferty” so I can avoid those overly negative terms that have come to exemplify a mainstream media that lost any semblance of credibility long ago.

Speaking of Weasels, please enjoy this week’s submissions that expose more Caffertys of the media world and the people he breaks out the pom-poms for. Voting begins Thursday evening and the results will be up Friday.

Enjoy and share!!

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