Ideologues are not Minimalists

Please enjoy this week’s winners in our weekly contest in search of articles that best expose the Weasels in the World.

Bookworm took the title of winning council entry with a recounting of a conversation she had with a physician in favor of Obama Care. The important thing I took away from the article was that the physician did not appear to be particularly knowledgeable on the proposed takeover by the Democrats yet still supported the grab even when faced with facts that should give pause.

On the Non-Council side zenpundit discusses a minimalist strategy for winning the war on terror with a particular emphasis on Afghanistan. ZP also discusses why Afghanistan is in America’s interests in a well thought out essay on the necessity of winning in Afghanistan for the sake of defeating global terrorism.

When comparing the two topics it occurred to me that ideologues do not have the word minimalist in their catalog of strategies for success. This may be the undoing of the Obama health care initiative. Their “all or nothing” approach puts a spotlight on their agenda and is particularly damaging for an administration that is losing more and more credibility as each day passes.

Please enjoy this week’s winning entries:

Winning Council Submissions

Winning Non-Council Submissions

5 Responses to “Ideologues are not Minimalists”

  1. on 21 Aug 2009 at 9:14 pm Right Truth

    Hell in a hand-basket …

    As the old wive’s tale or expression goes, everything’s going to hell in a hand-basket. I don’t even know what a hand-basket is, but after reading that the Lutheran church voted Friday to allow sexually active gays and lesbians in……

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  3. on 27 Aug 2009 at 4:11 am Soccer Dad

    Council speak 08/27/09…

    This week’s Watcher’s council winners (and runners up) are:First place with 2 1/3 points! – Bookworm Room – The view from the other side re health careSecond place with 1 2/3 points – Mere Rhetoric – Human Rights Watch Earns Their Saudi Pay, Publishe…

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