If Tom Hanks Dies We Are F*cked.



Now that celebs like Tom Hanks and others reportedly have this so-called “corona virus,” the walking, butt-end of the American public, who thinks Hanks is a real person, might finally grasp what’s being done to them.

That is—what’s being done to the public. By the maniac spin-masters who still raven to “get Trump,” at any cost, including poisoning the truth, the “news,” bringing down all of America, wrecking the future, and destroying anybody who seems to be in their way.

As a wise woman said to me, “Now they can watch.”

Meaning, they can see if Tom Hanks dies from the virus, or if he just recovers and walks away to finish his next dumbass movie, meaning it was all, just more, lib-spin bllsht.

Rarely do they actually tell us who dies. WHO DIES? Is it that 300 lb woman you see in the supermarket wearing Spandex? Is it that 80 year old guy in the nursing home who can’t feed himself?

Or is it the iron-man athlete, raised on organic foods and hard exercise?

This celebrity crap brings it to a level I think Americans can understand, and “watch.” Because–in my opinion–anybody who would look to a celebrity, a movie star, or a “teevee news anchor,” for opinion or truth, believes in unicorn farts, and deranged, lib democrats.

No matter what President Trump does, the demoncrats try to spin it negatively, in a way to get votes. Whatever he does is wrong. If he says, “yes,” demoncrats say, “no.” If he changes the “yes,” to a, “no,” the demoncrats will then say, “yes.”

Nothing matters. Except get Trump. Libs don’t give a damn about you, your family, or your pet. They don’t care if you live or die. If they could, they would just kill you.

In their wholly-owned, lib, communist, mass-media, they attack you and lie about you and malign you. This is done world-wide, every hour of every day. It is relentless. Half the world seems to be unsympathetic leftists who want communism, right now.

Who listens to this bllsht?

EVERYBODY who’s not a conservative, listens to it.

But, I want YOU to listen to ME:

If Trump runs for President, there will be blood.

If Trump does not run for President, there will be blood.

If Trump wins, there will be blood. If Trump looses (due to democrat voter fraud), there will be blood.

If there is an election there will be blood. If there is no election, there will be blood.

There’s going to be blood.

Maybe this virus thingy is just the beginning of the End?

Here already? Maybe we should all stock up on toilet paper, and fill our tubs with water?

Guess what, Kids? There’s not enough toilet paper in the world to stock up on. Sooner or later everything “runs out.” And there you are, You’re out of tub water, You’re out of food, and You’re out of toilet paper.

Then what?

What do you do?


You should–get serious, get real, and get thinking.

Don’t bother watching the drama-drenched quarantine of Tom Hanks, or the mysterious, sudden seclusion of Joy Behar, to see what happens next. Or to hear what their “wisdom-soaked” pronouncements might ultimately be. Because—

What the HELL could they possibly know better than you, that you don’t already know?

Besides, we might already be, in the Beginning, of the Ending.

So, get realistic.

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