Liberals have lost their minds, ostensibly over Hillary not reaching the Presidency.

The ones who are not rioting are searching for safe spaces, and both sets meet in the Venn diagram of social media.

My friend and Da Tech Guy Blog co-blooger Juliette Ochieng, who I have known for many years, was in the Twitter crosshairs of an illiberal two days after the election, and, as illiberal liberals are known to do, the illiberal liberal can’t abide so-call “minorities” who don’t bow to liberal munificence:

As you can see, that was not a good idea.

The illiberal Pam also reported Juliette for being a white man posing as an African-American woman, which one would think would have been OK in the illiberal’s mindset.

For the record, here’s photographic evidence of Juliette’s existence:

(That’s Juliette in the red blouse)

Clearly not typical, RW, white, nor male, Juliette’s smackdown was sure to follow. Take a look [language warning] – it is a thing of beauty,

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