I’m screaming here: #BoycottTheBoycotters who hate conservatives

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I’m not sure that I’m hollering this loudly enough: Republicans and other conservatives need to #BoycottTheBoycotters: That is, they need to stop giving money to the rapidly growing list of businesses, both at home and abroad, that have taken the pledge to stop advertising at Breitbart based upon the claim that Breitbart is racist, bigoted, and evil.

You know what that decision means? It means that all of these companies have decided that, by extension, you, mainstream people who reject the MSM’s endless lies, hysteria, and hate, and who turn to an up-and-coming media presence that eschews that garbage, are also racist, bigoted, and all sorts of evil. This has nothing to do with whether the boycott is actually affecting Breitbart. It has everything to do with the fact that, if the Left is going to politicize everything, we need to start politicizing everything right back.

Please remember: The Left has turned the NFL into a political football (yes, pun intended), first with the disgraceful “take a knee” campaign and, just recently, with the foul attacks against Tom Brady, Bill Belichick, and the whole Patriots team, simply because Brady and Belichick are friends with President Trump. Again, it doesn’t matter if these attacks affect Brady, Belichick, and the Patriots. What matters is that these attacks target you. If it’s not going to kill you, don’t watch the Super Bowl tomorrow. Your viewing decision won’t affect the game’s outcome, but it might tell the NFL that you matter just as much as the hate-filled Progressives.

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