Inaugural Weasels

While this week’s submissions are not the first inaugural weasels to be sent to the Watcher’s Council for consideration we are in the midst of the first contest that will take place under President Barack Obama. (yeah I know, passive aggressive, but that’s how I feel today) No longer is he President elect, he’s our guy.

For me I will exhibit a sort of loyal opposition when I see fit. Unlike the American left that hated, vilified and wished harm upon our former President George W. Bush. The difference between loyal opposition and this other brand is near treasonous in my opinion.

As I wrote yesterday in my Do You Feel Different? piece, there is plenty of Bush Derangement Syndrome to go around. The world is full of media types and political pundits that feel the need to cajole and take pot shots at the former administration at least one last time. Which leads me to believe there is going to be a big void left in their already empty lives until the reality of President Barack Obama catches up with the myth that they have created.

Which brings me to the center stage of BSD mecca at the New York Times. Maureen Dowd fills us in on her thoughts, as if we didn’t know them until now.

It was the Instant the Earth Stood Still.

Not since Klaatu landed in a flying saucer on the Ellipse has Washington been so mesmerized by an object whirring through the sky.

But this one was departing, not arriving.

As W. ceased to be president, he flew off over the Capitol and across the Mall en route to Andrews Air Force Base, and then back to Texas.

I’ve seen many presidents come and go, but I’ve never watched a tableau like the one Tuesday, when four million eyes turned heavenward, following the helicopter’s path out of town. Everyone, it seemed, was waving goodbye, with one or two hands, a wave that moved westward down the Mall toward the Lincoln Memorial, and keeping their eyes fixed unwaveringly on that green bird.

They wanted to make absolutely, positively certain that W. was gone. It was like a physical burden being lifted, like a sigh went up of “Thank God. Has Cheney’s wheelchair left the building, too?”

I’d call Dowd an ass but I am short on compliments today. The world has never seen a bigger classless bunch of media losers than those employed by the New York Times. Speaking of Klaatu, where’s Gort when you really need him?

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