Information Wars

Nobody can dispute that the flow of information is a vital asset in any war on many fronts. Be it the corrupt mainstream media that has all but become a willing participant in the propaganda war waged by Anti-American leftists or the vital information systems that we have all come to rely on for everyday activities; our information superhighway is the front line of defense against those that wish to do harm to our way of life.

This week’s winning submissions look at two fronts. The winning non-council submission by Shrink Wrapped discusses the media war that is currently being waged against Israel and her western ally, the United States. In that article we find a discussion of the MSM publication of misinformation that is purposefully spoon fed to willing journalists and subsequently passed on to even more gullible twits on the left.

Ha’aretz did its part by running an irresponsible story describing atrocities that, one week later, we now know were based on hearsay and in fact described incidents that never happened.

[Melanie Phillips, among others, has been carefully parsing this story; the original Ha’aretz story used quotes to make it appear as if the informant had first hand knowledge of the situation, which turned out to be inaccurate, and ne ver did anything approaching journalistic due diligence.  For those who have been paying attention, the Information War against the West features such slanted and invented “news” on a regular basis.  For stories related to Gaza, see The Guardian goes to Pallywood and The Ha’aretz blood libel.  Yaacov Lazowick notes the distortion by omission in another story inimical to Israel’s interests in Look What Everyone Missed.]

There are two elements of this that are particularly important.  The first is that although Andrew Exum is hardly a naif, and to my mind is one of the brightest and most worthwhile discussants of COIN in the real world, he has taken what can only be thought of as a successfully incorporated Post-Modern approach to the question of Israel’s conduct in the war.  Since the allegations of abusive behavior by Israel came from respected members of the MSM, such allegations must always be treated with respect.  The idea that Ha’aretz or the various Human Rights NGOs involved would never allow themselves to be manipulated and that, even if they sympathize with the Palestinians, would never compromise their journalistic ethics in order to attack a Western nation, in this case Israel, is an assumption that reasonable people in the West always make.

On the council side we have Newsbusters Contributor Hube over at The Colossus of Rhodey presenting a discussion of the dangers of North Korea’s proposed missile test over the United States. Concentrating on the lethal affects of a nuclear based EMP blast, Hube details the fear that such a blast would effectively shut down America as we know it by frying all the electronics needed to operate vehicles, fire weapons, pump water and fuel the generators that would keep our hospitals humming.

The threat of an EMP blast has been discussed much over the last 40+ years when the electromagnetic affect was discovered during early nuclear tests. However modern day electronics are much more vulnerable than the latter day vacuum tubes. The threat of an EMP blast would make underground bunkers uninhabitable, knocking them off line and shutting down their ventilation systems; and it wouldn’t take a direct hit to has its devastating effect. This causes a particular vulnerability to hardened bunkers used by the military. As such the technologies are being sought by terrorist networks and rogue states.

The threat is credible. Iran has already tested two such weapons in the last eight years, and we all know what sort of friends they are.

Congratulations to this week’s winning members.

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