Is Hillary running in 2020?


Is Hillary running in 2020?

I don’t know.

I don’t care.

From what I’ve observed in the past, with my own eyes, she can’t walk, talk, use stairs, or even see without special glasses. The right side of her face swells up like a pumpkin, she has an upper left snaggletooth (which her body double does not have), and she had this YUGE circular blot of her tongue stamped out — like the dermatologist cuts for a biopsy.

The old hag.

Is Hillary running in 2020? I don’t know.


Sometimes she falls down the stairs, can’t go up stairs, seizes up, goes all happy horse crap wall-eyed and head-bobbing like a car ornament, or just plain collapses and they have to drag and throw her in the back of a van.

Sometimes she coughs, sneezes, and chokes so she can’t talk and they tell us it’s allergies — when anybody with allergies knows there’s of stuff you take to stop all that.

Oh, or sometimes they say it’s pneumonia. But then a quick trip to Chelsea’s high class crib seems to clear it up right away. Yeahhhhh…Chelsea’s stash?

Or maybe it’s that injector pen her giant, fat, special, medical-bodyguard carries, I dunno. You know, the one who commanded her, “You’re fine. Just keep talking.”

What the hell is she wearing under her bulky hot clothing, besides implants and urinary gear?


Oh, wait!



Anyway, I don’t care—is Hillary running in 2020—although it might take her away from badmouthing America and Trump overseas like the maniacal commie she is. Maybe her media lackeys will report her gaffs?

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At least if she were to do all that here — which she does anyway — we already know about her and can handle it. Nothing new there.

But, damn, I hate the flying blue monkeys.