Jeff Sessions Is GUILTY…Of Nothing. The Real Non Fake News Story

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The Democrats and their trained seals in the media are hyperventilating with excitement. New attorney general Jeff Sessions is a pawn of Putin’s! He talked to a Russian ambassador and didn’t disclose it! He was part of Trump’s plot to have the Russians hack the election! Gasp! He must resign immediately!

Sheer fake news horse manure.

The Left simply can’t accept that they lost the election. So they continue to try to deligitimize President Trump, and the fairy tale they continue to tell is that Russia somehow hacked the election to spoil Queen Hillary coronation. President Obama had something to say about that:

Of course, that was before the election, when President Obama, the media and the usual suspects all knew Mrs. Clinton would win. When she didn’t, President Obama changed his mind about that and a lot of other things, including that peaceful, smooth transition. But I digress.

Here’s exactly what happened.

In January, Sessions was asked by Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.) for answers to written questions. One of them wasg if he had “been in contact with anyone connected to any part of the Russian government about the 2016 election, either before or after Election Day?”

Sessions answered no. Notice exactly how the question was framed. The attorney general wasn’t asked if he had been in contact with anyone connected to any part of the Russian government for any reason during the entire course of the year. He was asked specifically if he had been in contact with the Russian government about the 2016 election.

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Now as it happens, Jeff Sessions, as a senator and a member of the Armed Services Committee, met tw3ice with Russian diplomats in connection with his work on that committee. This, by the way, is standard operating procedure for senators. It’s part of the job. His meetings were leaked by ‘intelligence sources’ to the Washington Post, now an official organ of the Democrat Party and the ‘Resistance’.

Senator Claire McCaskill from Missouri, a Democrat, stepped into this one full force and ended up with manure all over her shoes. To witness, check out these tweets:

I’ve been on the Armed Services Com for 10 years.No call or meeting w/Russian ambassador. Ever. Ambassadors call members of Foreign Rel Com.

 Except it turns out she has met with the Russian ambassador a few times:

Whoopsie! Good ol’ Claire McCaskill, the original $5 girl in a $10 town…

And AG Sessions? Here’s what he had to say about the matter:

(read more here)

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