Jill Stein, Hillary Clinton collude to steal election from Donald Trump

“It’s been a long night and it’s been a long campaign but I can say, uh, we can wait a little longer, can’t we? They’re still counting votes and every vote should count….She has done an amazing job and she is not done yet.”

John Podesta, Hillary Clinton Campaign Mgr.,
Jacob Javits Center, NYC 11/09/2016

The above words were spoken by John Podesta on the morning of November 9, 2016 after the presidential election was called for now President-elect, Donald Trump. Hillary Clinton would not concede until late Wednesday morning and supposedly after Barack Obama told Clinton, “you need to concede.”

Since then Obama’s/the DNC’s civilian army of useful idiots have unleashed chaos, violence and destruction of property on the streets of the Unite States while the elite’s media propagandists question the sanity of American voters electing Donald Trump rather than look within. Progressives at the same time refuse to admit that the chaos and division brought about by eight years of an Obama White House and months of attacks from the Clinton camp only offered Americans more of the same.

On Friday, Green Party presidential candidate, Jill Stein, who for months trashed Clinton and Reform Party presidential candidate, Rocky De La Fuente both filed for a recount of the presidential votes in Wisconsin. Wisconsin and any other state that involved in the recounting of votes have until December 13th. In Wisconsin, 2.9 million votes must be recounted with 10 electoral votes up for grabs.

There are plans to file for a recounting in Pennsylvania whose deadline to file is Monday, and Michigan whose deadline to file for a recount of presidential votes is Wednesday.

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Last week, Jill Stein who only raised $3.5 million during the who presidential campaign last week went on a fundraising blitz during which she mysteriously raised as of this posting, $6,016,162 out of her $7,000,000 goal in a matter of days needed to file for recounts in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan. So far, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania is covered. Stein is reported to have raised $3 million in one day.  [Source: Jill #Recount2016]

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