Judge Roy Moore Receives Multiple Standing Ovations; GOPe Pissed.

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Judge Roy Moore, Veterans Day

On Saturday, Alabama Republican Senate candidate, Judge Roy Moore addressed his supporters at a public library in Birmingham, Alabama.

During Judge Roy Moore’s 30-minute speech, Moore spoke out against allegations of pedophilia, etc. levied against the candidate by the Washington Post. Moore defended himself, denied the scurrilous allegations levied against him by the swamp’s smear merchants and even took a swipe at the Washington Post itself.

To the disgust of Republican Party elitists and as ignored by the Washington Post, veterans and Republican supporters of the candidate toward the end of the candidate’s speech gave Judge Roy Moore a standing ovation (OMG, how could they? Who are these people? sarcasm).

Breitbart News by Matthew Boyle

…Moore’s condemnation of the Post came towards the end of a nearly 30-minute rousing speech honoring veterans and standing up for the principles of the United States just outside Birmingham here on Saturday morning.

“Now I want to address something that some people have come here to hear about,” Moore said in front 50 or so supporters, turning his attention to the giant pack of media who came to Alabama to report on this. “Shortly after becoming the Republican nominee for the United States Senate, the Washington Post began an attack on the Foundation for Moral Law, on my wife, and on me. For weeks, we read about my salary which they distorted, about taxes where they said we were paid money we never got. But we endured that.”

“Later, they came out and endorsed my opponent in this race,” he continued. “Just two days ago, the Washington Post published yet another attack on my character and reputation in a desperate attempt to stop my political campaign for the United States Senate[…]

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See Judge Roy Moore’s speech below.

Resorting to Alinskyite tactics, angry NeverTrumpers are denigrating voters. How dare stupid American voters think for themselves.

  1. Republican voters not stupid; and
  2. We have heard this song and seen this dance too many times before. It always lasts until the candidate has suspended his campaign and then whoopsie, the accusers lied and sneaks away quietly into the night and the path is now clear for the candidate ordained by Republican Party establishment.

The smear campaign against Judge Roy Moore is eerily similar to the infamous smears against 2012 Republican Party primary candidate, Herman Cain.

At one point, Cain was 20 points ahead of Mitt Romney and that’s when the smear merchants were let loose and Cain eventually suspended his campaign.

Not long after, we learned that the allegations levied against Cain were lies concocted by the Republican Party establishment who, rather than allow the voters to choose the 2012 Republican Party presidential candidate was in the process of eliminating one candidate at a time so that in the end, they would have their chosen candidate, Mitt Romney.

The system is rigged and true to form, Cain’s accusers slithered away into the night. Romney choked.

Back to Judge Roy Moore

Republican voters are not buying the smear because the youngest of Moore’s alleged accuser, 34-year-old Deborah Wesson Gibson, a Progressive operative who worked on the Clinton 2016 presidential campaign, has been for the past three months promoting Democratic Party candidate (Moore’s opposition), Doug Jones and has worked for other Progressive bureaucrats.

I know, I know. That doesn’t mean that Moore didn’t do the things that Wilson alleges. Actually, it does. Progressives don’t mind levying nasty allegations against another and Progressive women don’t mind levying allegations related to sex, true or false, because their ideology deems it to be for the greater good. They do it all the time. See: OANN’s Report: Roy Moore Accuser Worked For Clinton’s 2016 Presidential Campaign.

NeverTrumpers Go All Out Alinsky.

The Republican Party establishment is angry at Republican voters who are not buying the accusations against Judge Roy Moore and they are on the warpath against we the People just as they were on the warpath against the TeaParty in 2013 (wacko birds) and Trump supporters from 2015 until this very day (alt-right). [We are neither just Americans, of all ethnicities, who love our country.]

Immediately after Moore’s speech Saturday, NeverTrumper Senator Bob Corker went on a warpath on Twitter, “Look, I’m sorry, but even before these reports surfaced, Roy Moore’s nomination was a bridge too far.”

Expect the rest of the swamp creatures to “swamp” the Sunday morning talk shows. The Communist media complex will do their part, as always.

NBC News is in shock after having interviewed Alabama voters only to learn that they are standing with Judge Roy Moore.

…Of more than 15 Republican voters in Alabama interviewed by NBC News, none said their support for Moore would change.

Most said they didn’t believe the allegations and some said even if they are true, that wouldn’t sway their vote for him next month because they think Moore is a good man, should be forgiven and they could never bring themselves to vote for a Democrat anyway. Several attacked the media…

Ditto that for the Clinton News Network.

CNN spoke to about a dozen Alabamians about the allegations against Moore. Here’s how they said they are dealing with the bombshell accusations.
Mike Allison
Mike Allison, pastor of Madison Baptist Church, said he knows Moore as “a man of integrity,” he told CNN.
“I don’t even believe the allegations. There’s lots of fake news going around these days,” he said. “They’re allegations. How can he even defend himself against 40-year-old allegations? You used to be innocent until proven guilty.” “I support him now more than ever,” he said….
Dottie Finch
“At first, I really wasn’t sure how I felt about the situation,” said Dottie Finch, “but then I look at it this way: I don’t have the best past, and to have it be brought up after years of speculation and never anything being said about it, I don’t know just because he’s trying to prove himself that now people want to come out of the closet and accuse him of things.
“And if it has happened, I believe the good Lord has forgiven him and he has the right to continue to prove himself.”
She said that she stands by him “100%” and that she will continue to support him even if the allegations were true

Finally, what are the odds that the endless allegations of rape, groping, pedophilia has nothing to do with righting the wrongs committed against victims but instead a primer for future political attacks, i.e., setting the stage to destroy and eliminate future candidates not chosen by the swamp?

If you’re thinking at this point, “wow she has no confidence in the swamp,” you’re right. The swamp hates the U. S. Constitution, God, the American people and there is no low to which they will sink in order to remain in power. The fact that along with their power, they don’t believe in God tells us that they have no fear of accountability. That makes them capable of anything.

Suggested reading: BizPac Review’s: Big questions are now arising about Roy Moore’s main accuser Leigh Corfman

H/t Trump The American Years (aka The Raspberry Palace).

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  1. Excellent analysis, Puma ByDesign. I’m especially disgusted by the response from the GOPes. They’re like the scorpion that cannot resist stinging the frog as it crosses the river, even though doing so drowns the scorpion along with the frog. I hate, hate, hate being a forced participant in some other person’s or group’s suicide — especially when they insist that they have the moral high ground to destroy me along with themselves.

  2. You are 100% on point, Bookworm.

    The latest is that they have now brought in the establishment’s pitbull, Gloria Allred.

    This is the same thing that they did to President Trump last year and Herman Cain back in 2012.

    As far as I’m concerned the moment Gloria Allred walked on to the scene, say 3 hours ago (publically), the establishment exposed their hand while reminding us of just how ruthless they are.

    The GOPe hates the President so much that they will burn both Houses down and the country with it.

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