Kanye Is Right About 400 Years ‘Sounding like A Choice’

Kanye West is under fire for outing himself as a Trump supporter and criticizing African Americans for continuing to support the Democrat Party.  So the latest is that a  hip hop station in Detroit, 105.1 ‘The Bounce’ announced  that they would stop playing West’s music.

I doubt they’ll be the only ones. Stepping off the Democrat plantation and thinking for yourself is always punished, as a warning to others. It’s how the Left operates.

What West said that caused a major uproar was an interview on TMZ Live, where he said, “When you hear about slavery for 400 years. For 400 years? That sounds like a choice,” West said. “Like, you were there for 400 years and it’s all of you all? You know, it’s like we’re mentally in prison. I like the word prison ’cause slavery goes too — too direct to the idea of blacks.”

Was Kanye West right? Well, sort of.

Let’s learn together.

America itself is not 400 years old, as you can easily determine. During the colonial, pre-revolutionary era, there were actually more white slaves than black ones, since England used the American colonies as a dumping ground, just like they later used Australia after U.S. independence. In the Britain of those times, you could literally be sentenced to ‘transportation’ for crimes like stealing a handkerchief or a loaf of bread, let alone any political opposition to the Crown.

Then you would be shipped to America to be sold at auction as a bond slave or indentured servant. For young women in particular, this usually meant enforced sex slavery or prostitution, just as it did later in Australia. Since the Crown took a cut of the profits after the white slaves were sold, it was easier and cheaper then simple hangings.

Fewer blacks were sent to America at that time because because they were more expensive to collect. Sailing to Africa’s west coast, paying wages and providing provisions for the crew en route, buying the slaves themselves from the African Chiefs who controlled the trade and then providing provisions for the newly acquired cargo and the crew while sailing back to the America’s added a great deal to cost of acquisition and the price. Because of that, most of the black slaves went to the Sugar Islands in the Caribbean, where their labor generated far more wealth than it did in the colonies and was thus more profitable and cost effective for both buyer and seller.

The US outlawed the importation of slaves to America in 1804, and used our Navy to suppress it, along with Britain’s Royal Navy.

By then, white slaves were going to Australia instead, so we can really date the beginning of  black slavery in America on a massive level from the mid to late 1700’s at most. Slavery was ended in America shortly after the Civil war, so that makes it at most 100 years or less, not ‘400 years.’

!865 when the Civil War ended to 2018 works out to what, 153 years, and blacks were not subject to slavery during those years, now were they? And please don’t tell me that bigotry or even segregation constitutes ‘slavery.’ Most ethnic groups have gone through similar challenges and overcome them, just as many blacks have.

What Kanye West is talking about instead is the slave mentality, which still prevails among a disturbing number of African Americans. You can be free as a bird physically, but if your mind is enslaved to certain concepts, you are still enslaved and yes, it is a choice.

Just as voting Democrat is. Or failing to think for yourself.

Rob Miller








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