Kathy Griffin Just Proved that Evil Never Sleeps


Kathy Griffin’s Islamic State photo shoot is more proof that the Progressive elites are evil and shrouded in darkness.

Unified Patriots by Lady Penguin

Some people have called the antipathy toward President Donald Trump,”Trump Derangement Syndrome.”

Trump Derangement syndrome is too mild and doesn’t lend itself to the seriousness of the Left’s pathology. By using it in a similar manner as the previous “Bush Derangement Syndrome” – it’s like placing a trite Hollywood label on something that is far worse – thus minimizing the severity of it. The Left is great at this kind of minimizing and desensitizing, been doing it for decades.

Kathy Griffin’s graphic photo shoot, showing our president beheaded, while she smiling holds it, went far beyond any notion of political discourse, art, or the 1st Amendment. How fortunate for her that we live in such a free country where she and her photographer aren’t arrested and thrown into jail as political prisoners; a country where one could throw away the key.

These people are pathological, exhibiting pathological behavior, and because they have the venue of the media, along with Hollywood, giving them a camera and a stage, they’re far more dangerous. That’s how they’ve managed to marginalize over half of the people in this country. It’s much more and far worse than, “oh, that’s politics.” This is Evil at work.

As I looked at the grotesque picture from Kathy Griffin’s photo shoot, I wondered if Daniel Pearl’s wife and family had seen that picture. Yes, Daniel Pearl of the Wall Street Journal, the journalist who was one of the first Americans beheaded in the Middle-East by al-Qaeda. Or what did Nicholas Berg’s family think of it? Remember them? The first publicly known U.S. citizens whose beheadings were displayed to the world[…]

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